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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Associate Degree Programs

Majors that lead to two-year associate degrees are available at most of Penn State's undergraduate locations. These majors provide concentrated instruction to prepare graduates for specialized occupational assignments, except for the Letters, Arts, and Sciences major, which provides graduates with a general education and some specialization in their fields of interest.

More than twenty associate degree majors lead to either the Associate in Arts degree, the Associate in Engineering Technology degree, or the Associate in Science degree.

In addition, check out Penn State's World Campus for available two-year degrees at

Concurrent and Sequential Majors Programs--At the baccalaureate or associate degree level, students may be approved for admission to more than one major under the Concurrent Majors program. A Concurrent Majors program is one in which students take courses to concurrently meet the requirements of at least two majors, with graduation for all majors in the program occurring during the same semester. Concurrent majors must all be at the baccalaureate or associate degree level. Under the Sequential Majors program, upon graduation from an associate or baccalaureate degree program, a student may apply for re-enrollment in another undergraduate degree program.