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University Bulletin

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Radiological Sciences

University College: Penn State New Kensington (2RSCC), Penn State Schuylkill  (2RSCC) 

For students interested in pursuing an education in the paramedical field of radiography (radiologic technology), the radiological sciences major meets the educational and clinical requirements for the graduate to function as an entry-level radiographer. Required course work is divided into three interrelated areas including general education, radiography specific, and clinical education components. During the clinical education component, students perform radiographic exams under the directed supervision of certified radiographers at multiple area clinical education settings. The clinical component emphasizes the concepts of team practice and patient-centered care. Both the radiography-specific course work and the clinical component are structured sequentially over seven consecutive semesters, commencing each fall semester. Upon successful completion of the 72-credit associate degree, the graduate will be eligible to attempt the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) examination for certification.

For the Associate in Science degree in Radiological Sciences, a minimum of 72 credits is required.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)

(15 of these 21 credits are included in the REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MAJOR)
(See description of General Education in this bulletin.)

(This includes 15 credits of General Education courses: 3 credits of GH courses; 3 credits of GN courses; 6 credits of GQ courses; 3 credits of GWS courses.)

BIOL 129 GN(4)[1], BIOL 141 GN(3), ENGL 015 GWS(3), MATH 021 GQ(3), RADSC 101(4)[1], RADSC 102(4)[1], RADSC 110(3)[1], RADSC 295(2.5)[1] (Sem: 1-2)
RADSC 103(3)[1], RADSC 210W(3)[1], RADSC 295(1)[1] (Sem: 3)
CMPSC 101 GQ(3), PHIL 103 GH(3), RADSC 204(3)[1], RADSC 205(3)[1], RADSC 220(3)[1], RADSC 230(3)[1], RADSC 295(2.5)[1] (Sem: 4-5)
RADSC 206(3)[1], RADSC 240(2)[1], RADSC 295(1)[1] (Sem: 6)
RADSC 207(4)[1], RADSC 295(2)[1] (Sem: 7)

[1] A student enrolled in this major must receive a grade of C or better, as specified in Senate Policy 82-44.

Last Revised by the Department: Fall Semester 2002

Blue Sheet Item #: 30-03-073

Review Date: 12/19/07