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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Grading System

CREDITS--Credits are awarded on the semester-hour basis. The distribution of time between class activities and outside preparation varies from course to course; for the average student, however, at least forty hours of work per semester planned and arranged by the University faculty are required to gain 1 credit.


  • A, A- (EXCELLENT) Indicates exceptional achievement.
  • B+, B, B-, C+ (GOOD) Indicates extensive achievement.
  • C, D (SATISFACTORY) Indicates acceptable achievement.
  • F (FAILURE) Indicates inadequate achievement necessitating a repetition of the course to secure credit.

The grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D, and F indicate a gradation in quality from Excellent to Failure and are assigned the following grade-point equivalents:

Grade, Grade-Point Equivalent

A, 4.00

A-, 3.67

B+, 3.33

B, 3.00

B-, 2.67

C+, 2.33

C, 2.00

D, 1.00

F, 0

Grade points are determined by multiplying the grade-point equivalent of the grade earned by the number of credits for the subject, for example, ENGL 015 GWS, 3 credits, with a grade of A (grade-point equivalent 4.00) yields 12 grade points.


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