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University Bulletin
Undergraduate Degree Programs

Opportunities for Credit Acquisition

Course credits may be acquired by instruction as defined in Policy 42-23 in Policies and Rules; by examination as discussed below; by transfer from other regionally accredited colleges and universities as discussed under the heading Admission with Advanced Standing; by transfer from colleges and universities outside the United States as defined in Policy 42-84 in Policies and Rules; by validation from colleges and universities that are not regionally accredited but award associate degrees or higher as defined in Policy 42-86 in Policies and Rules; by educational experiences in the Armed Services as defined in Policy 42-98 in Policies and Rules; and by educational credit for Training Programs in Noncollegiate Organizations as defined in Policy 42-99 in Policies and Rules. Additional information about credit acquisition can be obtained by contacting the Undergraduate Admissions Office, The Pennsylvania State University, 201 Shields Building, Box 3000, University Park, PA 16 804-3000; 814-865-5471, or by contacting an admissions officer at any University location.

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