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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Dance Minor

University Park, College of Arts and Architecture (DANCE)

This minor is a rigorous program designed to help students who wish to further their skills in this art form. This modern-based program focuses on technique, choreography, and performance. Students choose from a variety of options to create their own dance minor that will give them the tools and the knowledge to further their individual interest in the field. Students have the opportunity to perform in pieces created by faculty, be a member of the University Dance Company, create their own pieces for performance, and attend national conferences. Upon completion of this minor, the student will be able to pick from a variety of career opportunities such as performance, teaching, choreography, production, and studio or have it apply to their major. Twenty-one credits are required for completion of the dance minor with a minimum of 6 credits at the 400 level.

Entrance into the Dance minor will be based on an audition. The audition will consist of a Ballet Barre, Jazz combo, and Modern combo. Ability to pick up and execute technique and combinations is essential. A grade of C or better is required in all courses required in the minor.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)


DANCE 301(2) (Sem: 2-8)
DANCE 484 US;IL(3) (Sem: 3-8)

Select 3 credits from DANCE 261(1.5), DANCE 262(1.5), DANCE 361 GA(1.5), DANCE 362(1.5), DANCE 461(1.5), DANCE 462(1.5) (Sem: 1-8)
(These courses may not double count for other dance minor requirements.)
Select 6 credits from the following courses (3 credits at the 400-level):
DANCE 231(1.5), DANCE 232(1.5), DANCE 241(1.5), DANCE 242(1.5) (Sem: 1-4)
DANCE 251(1.5), DANCE 252(1.5), DANCE 261(1.5), DANCE 262(1.5), DANCE 361 GA(1.5), DANCE 362(1.5) (Sem: 1-4)
DANCE 431(1.5), DANCE 432(1.5), DANCE 441(1.5), DANCE 442(1.5), DANCE 451(1.5), DANCE 452(1.5), DANCE 461(1.5), DANCE 462(1.5) (Sem: 5-8)
(All dance minors are required to demonstrate proficiency at beginning level technique courses before selecting the advanced level courses.)
Select 4 credits from:
DANCE 381(2) (Sem: 3-8)
DANCE 480(2) (Sem: 5-8)
DANCE 485(1-2) (Sem: 1-8)

Select 3 credits from:
DANCE 280(1), DANCE 281(1), DANCE 296(1-18), DANCE 297(1-9), DANCE 385(2) (Sem: 3-8)
THEA 100 GA;US;IL(3), THEA 102 GA(3), THEA 146(2), THEA 150(3), THEA 189 GA(1-6) (Sem: 1-6)
THEA 208 GA;US;IL(3) (Sem: 1-8)
DANCE 482(3), DANCE 496(1-18), DANCE 497(1-9), THEA 408 US(3) (Sem: 5-8)


Last Revised by the Department: Fall Semester 2005

Blue Sheet Item #: 33-04-014

Review Date: 01/18/05