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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Information Sciences and Technology for Mathematics Minor

University Park, Eberly College of Science (ISMTH)

The interaction between Information Sciences and Mathematics will continue developing in remarkable new directions. Mathematical scientists enormously benefit from information technology in the performance of research, in communicating and disseminating scientific information and results, as well as in career environments involving data analysis and management. Mathematicians also contribute to making inroads toward the development of new information technologies. Information sciences and technology are already playing a very important role in mathematical education, at all levels, and will experience an overwhelming increase in the near future. Giving undergraduate mathematics students the opportunity to minor in IST will not only enrich their educational achievements but it will also help them succeed in the employment searches.

Students must apply for entrance to the minor no later than the beginning of their senior year.

A grade of C or better is required in all courses in the minor.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)


IST 110 GS(3) (Sem: 1-2)
IST 210(3) Sem: 3-4)
IST 220(3) (Sem: 5-6)

Select 9 credits from the following 400-level mathematics courses: MATH 451(3), MATH 457(3), MATH 459(3), MATH 465(3), MATH 467(3), MATH 468(3), MATH 469(3) (Sem: 5-8)

Last Revised by the Department: Fall Semester 2014

Blue Sheet Item #: 43-03-091

Review Date: 11/18/2014


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