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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Minor

University Park, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (PNG E)

PROFESSOR Russell Johns, Program Officer

The minor in petroleum and natural gas engineering is for students interested in the drilling and production of oil and gas. It provides an opportunity for students to understand and appreciate the relationship between petroleum and natural gas demand, production and their environment impact. Students are exposed to the basic courses in petroleum and natural gas extraction, particularly as they relate to drilling, production and characterization. A minimum of 18 credits is required for the minor. A student enrolled in this minor must receive a grade C or better in all courses in the minor. Advising is available through the professor in charge.

Scheduling Recommendations by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)


P N G 405(3), P N G 406(1), P N G 410(3), P N G 440W(3), PHYS 211 GN(4) (Sem: 5-7)

Select 9 credits from the following list:
P N G 411(1), P N G 420(4), P N G 425(3), P N G 430(3), P N G 450(3), P N G 451(1), P N G 475(3), P N G 480(3), P N G 482(1), P N G 489(3), P N G 496(1) (Sem: 5-8)

Last Revised by the Department: Fall Semester 2015

Blue Sheet Item #: 44-01-061

Review Date: 8/25/2015

Review Date: 09/28/2010