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Philosophy (PHIL)

PHIL 008 (GH) (WMNST 008) Philosophy and Feminism (3) Explores diverse feminist philosophies of culture and knowledge, and examines gender's role in accounts of reality, truth, morality, and justice.

PHIL (WMNST) 008 Philosophy and Feminism (3)

(BA) This course meets the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements.

This course familiarizes students with concepts and problems of feminist philosophies. It seeks to examine the feminist critique of theories of knowledge and power, as well as the cultural, political, and linguistic implications of this critique. Students will be expected to evaluate existing epistemological assumptions, social organization, the character of power, and language from the vantage of contemporary feminism and its historical context. Students will be graded on participation, case study analyses, a group presentation and response, and a final paper. WMST/PHIL 008 satisfies the GH requirement and is geared towards non-Philosophy majors. It may be used to fulfill the minor requirement in philosophy. This course is offered once a year with an enrollment of 25-200 students.

General Education: GH
Diversity: None
Bachelor of Arts: Humanities
Effective: Spring 2006

Note : Class size, frequency of offering, and evaluation methods will vary by location and instructor. For these details check the specific course syllabus.