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Psychology (PSYCH)

PSYCH 270 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (3) Overview of assessment, causes, and treatments of psychological disorders.

PSYCH 270 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology (3)

(BA) This course meets the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements.

This course focuses on some of the topics and questions people most commonly ask about psychology: What are the different psychological disorders, and what are they like? How do clinicians diagnose someone with a disorder? What do therapists actually do in therapy? Course objectives include: (a) examine historical and current conceptions of normal and abnormal behavior; (b) survey the origins, symptoms, and characteristics of several adult psychological disorders; and (c) introduce the main treatment approaches for psychological disorders. The course is designed to be accessible to both Psychology majors and others. Psychology B.A. and Psychology B.S. majors may use the course toward the 200-level breadth requirement of the major. Students will be assessed primarily with objective exams.

General Education: None
Diversity: None
Bachelor of Arts: Social and Behavioral Science
Effective: Spring 2007
Prerequisite: PSYCH 100

Note : Class size, frequency of offering, and evaluation methods will vary by location and instructor. For these details check the specific course syllabus.