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Security & Rsk Analy (SRA)

SRA 311 Risk Management: Assessment and Mitigation (3) Assessment and mitigation of security vulnerabilities for people, organizations, industry sectors, and the nation.

SRA 311 Risk Management: Assessment and Mitigation (3)

The proposed course in risk management focuses on applications of problem solving skills and decision theory. The course will review the theoretical templates developed in previous courses and then move to the implementation of these theories and models. While the course would employ some textbook-based and lecture-based learning, the emphasis will be case-based learning and scenario analysis and will include team presentations.

The first part of the course will review and discuss risk assessment models and ways to mitigate these risks. The course will focus on vulnerabilities and controls that could deter or prevent problems, detect breaches, and correct these ruptures and penetrations. The student will utilize quantitative and qualitative risk analysis as appropriate.

The bulk of the course would apply these theories to the person, to the organization, to the sector, and to the nation. For each focal point, the student will have to identify the threats, the vulnerabilities, and the controls to counterbalance these vulnerabilities. At the individual level, the course will focus on events such as identify theft, physical security during international travel, or invasion of one’s privacy. At the organizational level, including both public and private entities, the course will focus on incidents such as cyber crimes, fires, flooding, financial frauds, kidnapping of employees, and expropriation of resources. At the sector level, the course will focus on the power grid, the transportation system, the communication system, the water supply, and the energy supply chain. At the national level, the course will focus on national disasters, terrorism, and war, both conventional and nuclear.

For each of these topics, the student will analyze the security risk and attempt to find ways to mitigate the risk. This analysis includes incidence response, development of security policies and administration, and security and crisis management. The course will rely heavily on case studies and scenario analysis.

General Education: None
Diversity: None
Bachelor of Arts: None
Effective: Summer 2006
Prerequisite: SRA 231

Note : Class size, frequency of offering, and evaluation methods will vary by location and instructor. For these details check the specific course syllabus.