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Thesis Research--To register for thesis/dissertation research in all graduate major programs, a student uses the appropriate course number (600 for on campus, 610 for off campus) preceded by the abbreviation designating the major field. The Bursar’s office assesses charges for these courses at the current rate of tuition according to the student’s status at the time of registration.

Students registering for 600 or 610 should be aware that Graduate Council has established limits on the total number of research credits that can be assigned letter grades in a student’s program (i.e., other than R): 6 credits for master’s candidates and 12 credits for doctoral candidates.

Ph.D. Dissertation Preparation--The numbers 601 and 611 are available to Ph.D. degree candidates only and are used for special noncredit registration for dissertation preparation work. Such candidates must have passed the comprehensive examination and must have met the two-semester residence requirement. A candidate registered for SUBJ 601 is classified as a full-time student, while one registered for SUBJ 611 is classified as a part-time student.

The numbers 600, 601, 610, and 611 may not always appear in the Schedule of Courses for each semester, but they are available for registration each semester.

Thesis/Dissertation Submission--When a student completes a thesis or a dissertation, an archival copy must be submitted to the Graduate School. After acceptance by the Graduate School, the document is available through the University Libraries.


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Course descriptions are stored in LionPATH, the University-wide student information system. Please visit the LionPATH Course Catalog to access current course descriptions. At that point, you will be leaving the University Bulletin website.

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