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Anesthesiology-Hy (ANSTH)

ANSTH 700 Anesthesia for Third Year Students (5) Introduction to clinical anesthesia practice, local and general and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Effective: Spring 2010
Prerequisite: restricted to medical students who have completed required preclinical training  

ANSTH 740 Anesthesia Acting Internship (5) The acting internship in anesthesia is designed to expand on the experiences obtained in courses ANSTH 700 and 770.
Effective: Spring 2009
Prerequisite: ANSTH 700, ANSTH 770 and third-year core clerkships  

ANSTH 770 Anesthesiology Clinical Elective (5) The objectives for this course utilize the objectives of Ansth. 700 as a base.
Effective: Winter 1978
Prerequisite: limited to medical students who have completed required preclinical training  

ANSTH 772 Pain Management (5) Includes evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of complex chronic pain problems in an outpatient model. A hands-on approach will be emphasized.
Effective: Summer 1985
Prerequisite: completion of first three years of medical curriculum  

ANSTH 796 Anesthesia Individual Studies (5) Special studies program, usually involving investigative work, all hours and assignments by arrangement with a member of the anesthesia staff-faculty.
Effective: Spring 2009
Prerequisite: successful completion of third year core clerkships. Students must contact course director for pre-approval prior to registering for this course.  

ANSTH 796A Anesthesiology Individual Studies (2.5) Anesthesiology Individual Studies for 3rd year medical students.
Effective: Spring 2009

ANSTH 797 Anesthesia Special Topics (5) Anesthesia Special Topics
Effective: Spring 2009
Prerequisite: successful completion of 3rd year core clerkships  

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