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Bioethics (BIOET)

BIOET 501 (PHIL 571) Perspectives and Methods in Bioethics (3) This course explores a variety of theories and methods in bioethics and applies them to a selection of current topics.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 502 (PHIL 572) Perspectives in Macro-Bioethics (3) This course explores systemic and structural issues in bioethics, and the theories and methodologies required to address them.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 503 (PHIL 573) Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research (3) Provides an understanding of ethical issues arising in the responsible conduct of biomedical research and frameworks for critically analyzing them.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 504 Research Integrity in Science and Engineering (2) This course will examine the complex ways ethical issues are a component of research in science and engineering.
Effective: Summer 2015

BIOET 533 Ethical Dimensions of Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (2) Examination of ethical issues relevant to research procedure, professional conduct, social and environmental impacts, and embedded values in research and practice.
Effective: Summer 2013

BIOET 540 Bioethics, Biopower, Biopolitics (3) This course will examine in a bioethical context a variety of ways relations of power and values intersect.
Effective: Fall 2016

BIOET 590 Bioethics Colloquium (1-3 per semester/maximum of 36) Continuing seminars in bioethics that consist of a series of individual presentations by faculty, students, or outside speakers.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 594 Research Topics (1-12 per semester/maximum of 15) Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 595 Internship (1-12 per semester/maximum of 12) Supervised off-campus, nongroup instruction, including field experiences, practicums, or internships related to bioethics.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 596 Individual Studies (1-9 per semester/maximum of 9) Creative projects, including nonthesis research, that are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 597 Special Topics (1-9 per semester/maximum of 9) Formal courses given infrequently to explore a topic or topics in bioethics in depth.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 598 Special Topics (1-9 per semester/maximum of 9) Formal courses given infrequently to explore a topic or topics in bioethics in depth.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 599 Foreign Studies (1-2 per semester/maximum of 4) Courses offered in foreign countries by individual or group instruction.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 600 Thesis Research (1-12 per semester/maximum of 99) Thesis Research in Bioethics.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 601 Ph.D. Dissertation Full Time (0) Full-time Ph.D. dissertation preparation.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 602 Supervised Experience in College Teaching (1-3 per semester/maximum of 6) Students will teach lower-level undergraduate courses in bioethics, including courses on the undergraduate minor in bioethics and medical humanities.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 603 Foreign Academic Experience (1-9 per semester/maximum of 18) Foreign study and/or research approved by the graduate program for students enrolled in a foreign university constituting progress toward the degree.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 610 Thesis Research Off-Campus (1-12 per semester/maximum of 99) Thesis Research, Off Campus.
Effective: Fall 2011

BIOET 611 Ph.D. Dissertation Part Time (0) Part-time Ph.D. dissertation preparation.
Effective: Fall 2011

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