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Business Admin Mana (MBADM)

MBADM 531 Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3) Understanding, exploring, and applying innovation-related concepts, principles, and practices to corporate environments involved with new venture creation and other contexts.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 571 Global Strategic Management (3) Integrating multiple functional business areas to resolve global business problems and improve organizational performance.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 810 Team Performance (3) Overview of concepts, applications, and research on group and team processes and performance in an organizational context.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 811 Financial Accounting (3) Accounting rules, practices, and applications that characterize the accounting presentations that for-profit organizations provide to the public.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 812 Economics for Business Strategy (3) Introduction to microeconomic and macroeconomic environments of business, pricing determination, market structures, and formulation of competitive strategy.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 813 Data Analysis for Decision Making (3) Applying statistical concepts to quantify uncertainty and gain insights from data in business settings.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 814 Leadership Communications (3) Developing communication skills required for managers and leaders; creating effective individual and group presentations.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 815 Ethical and Responsible Business Leadership (3) Managing ethical conduct in organizations, including corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and stakeholder analysis.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 816 Managing and Leading People in Organizations (3) Overview of human behavior in organizations, and implications for managing and leading individuals, teams, and organizations.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 820 Financial Management (3) Application of techniques available to aid managers in sound financial decision making.
Effective: Fall 2016
Prerequisite: MBADM 811  

MBADM 821 Marketing in a Global Environment (3) Examining strategic issues in global marketing, including opportunity analysis, planning, and implementation.
Effective: Fall 2016

MBADM 822 Managing Supply Chains in Global Markets (3) Analyzing and applying key concepts, tools, and strategies in managing supply chains in global markets.
Effective: Fall 2016
Prerequisite: MBADM 813  

MBADM 830 Managing in the Digital Economy (3) How digital innovation, technology, and market disruption transforms industries, business practices, and market strategies.
Effective: Fall 2016

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