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Community Psychology (CMPSY)

CMPSY 500 Theories and Issues in Community Psychology (3) Contemporary issues in community psychology will be discussed within the framework of its development from clinical and social psychology.
Effective: Spring 1997

CMPSY 510 Change Processes (3) Social change as it takes place within institutions and communities.
Effective: Spring 1997

CMPSY 511 Social Impacts on Psychological Functioning (3) Psychological functioning, as it is affected by social contexts.
Effective: Fall 1996
Prerequisite: CMPSY 500 permission of program  

CMPSY 519 Research Methods I (3) In-depth examination of research methods utilized by community psychologists and social change activists; course followed by CMPSY 520.
Effective: Fall 1999
Prerequisite: a "C" or better in an introductory statistics course within the past two years or a passing grade on the Community Psychology competency examination in introductory statistics; status as graduate student in CMPSY program  

CMPSY 520 Research Methods II (3) In-depth examination of research methods utilized by community psychologists and social change activists. (Continuation of CMPSY 519).
Effective: Summer 2000
Prerequisite: CMPSY 519  

CMPSY 521 Roles and Methods in Community Psychology (3) Advanced course entailing the development of Master's Projects with both fieldwork and research; each student writes a formal proposal.
Effective: Spring 1997
Prerequisite: permission of program for degree candidates only.  

CMPSY 522 Practicum (3-6) Fieldwork implementing planned change.
Effective: Fall 1996
Prerequisite: CMPSY 500, CMPSY 510, CMPSY 511, CMPSY 520, CMPSY 521 for degree candidates only.  

CMPSY 590 Colloquium (1-3) Continuing seminars which consist of a series of individual lectures by faculty, students, or outside speakers.
Effective: Fall 1996

CMPSY 594 Research (3-6) Supervised research on a master's paper.
Effective: Spring 1997
Prerequisite: for degree candidates only  

CMPSY 596 Individual Studies (1-9) Creative projects, including nonthesis research, that are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.
Effective: Fall 1996

CMPSY 597 Special Topics (1-9) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently; several different topics may be taught in one year or semester.
Effective: Spring 1997

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