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Communications-Cl (COMMS)

COMMS 500 Communications and Cultural Theory (3) This course is designed to provide students a broad background in communications and cultural theory.
Effective: Summer 2011

COMMS 503 Research Methods in Communications (3) This course prepares students to conduct research in communications using both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
Effective: Summer 2011

COMMS 519 Communication Technology and Culture in History (3) An advanced study of various interpretive approaches and methodological tools that are central to the analysis of cultural artifacts.
Effective: Summer 2011

COMMS 525 Advanced Writer's Seminar (3-9 per semester/maximum of 9) This course supports the development of advanced writing projects in a range of different genres.
Effective: Summer 2011

COMMS 555 Media Discourse Analysis (3) This course provides students with advanced theoretical approaches and methodological tools to analyze a variety of media discourses.
Effective: Summer 2011

COMMS 560 Seminar on Global Culture and Communication (3) This course explores the globalization of communication and communication technologies within a broad political, economic and cultural context.
Effective: Summer 2011

COMMS 568 Media Production Workshop (3-9 per semester/maximum of 9) This course prepares students for the creation of advanced media projects in traditional and digital media.
Effective: Summer 2011

COMMS 580 Communications Master's Project (3-6 per semester/maximum of 6) An original master's paper or creative production with critical paper.
Effective: Summer 2011
Prerequisite: COMMS 500;COMMS 503 ; 27 credits towards Master's in Communications  

COMMS 600 Thesis Research (1-15 per semester/maximum of 99) No description.
Effective: Fall 2010

COMMS 610 Thesis Research (1-15 per semester/maximum of 99) No description.
Effective: Fall 2010

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