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Dermatology (DERM)

DERM 720 Dermatology (3) Interdisciplinary - Medical Education Course
Effective: Spring 2008
Prerequisite: successful completion of MS Year I  

DERM 723 Dermatology (1-2) This course is an introduction to the skin that includes cellular structure and function as well as clinical conditions.
Effective: Summer 2014
Prerequisite: completion of all previous coursework  

DERM 732 Dermatology Elective (5) Designed to provide students with an extensive, in-depth exposure to clinical dermatology; involved inthe evaluation and management of patients in dermatology clinics.
Effective: Fall 2003
Prerequisite: Third Year Core Clerkships  

DERM 740 Dermatology/Pathology Elective (5) Intended for students pursuing a career in dermatology or pathology; involves the study of the pathology of cutaneous disorders. The elective complements what is learned in dermatology and pathology rotations.
Effective: Summer 2009
Prerequisite: successful completion of 3rd year core clerkships. Students must contact course director to receive prior approval before registering for this course.  

DERM 796 Dermatology Individual Studies (5) This course provides an opportunity for senior medical students to pursue individual dermatology research projects with a supervising faculty dermatologist.
Effective: Fall 2008
Prerequisite: Restricted to students enrolled in The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. Students must have completed the dermatology elective (DERM 732).  

DERM 796A Dermatology Individual Studies for 3rd Year Students (2.5) Dermatology Individual Studies for 3rd Year Students.
Effective: Spring 2009

DERM 797 Dermatology Special Topics (5) Dermatology Special Topics.
Effective: Spring 2010
Prerequisite: successful completion of 3rd year core clerkships  

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