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Energy and Mineral Engineering (EME)

EME 407 Electrochemical Energy Storage (3) Electrochemical concepts in energy storage devices, cell construction and materials involved in batteries and capacitors, electrochemical testing methods and applications.
Effective: Spring 2012
Prerequisite: EME 301 orM E 300 orCH E 220 andEME 303 orM E 320 orCH E 330 or their equivalent  

EME 432 (GEOG 432) Energy Policy (3) Analysis, formulation, implementation, and impacts of energy-related policies, regulations, and initiatives.
Effective: Summer 2010
Prerequisite: E B F 200, EGEE 120, PL SC 490  

EME 444 Global Energy Enterprise (3) Industry perspective on the resources, technologies, engineering approaches and externalities involved in satisfying worldwide energy demand profitably and sustainably.
Effective: Summer 2010
Prerequisite: ECON 004 or equivalentEGEE 102, EGEE 120  

EME 460 Geo-resource Evaluation and Investment Analysis (3) The course covers engineering evaluation of geo-resources, present value and rate of return analysis, mineral property and reserve estimation, and cost estimation and engineering economy concepts applied to geo-resources including energy and minerals.
Effective: Spring 2011
Prerequisite: 5th semester or higher  

EME 466 Energy and Sustainability in Society (3) Capstone course in energy technology and policy options for reduced-carbon communities. Covering agent/stakeholder relations, sustainability, communication and public engagement.
Effective: Summer 2010
Prerequisite: GEOG 030, METEO 469, EME 432  

EME 500 Energy and Mineral Project Investment Evaluation (3) Emphasizes enterprise level cost review, estimation, and prediction methodology and investment evaluation as a means for project engineering management.
Effective: Spring 2009

EME 504 Foundations in Sustainability Systems (3) Theoretical background of sustainability issues and studies of sustainability systems.
Effective: Summer 2013

EME 510 Health and Safety Engineering (3) Develop the ability to use scientific and engineering principles to evaluate and control health and safety hazards in the workplace.
Effective: Spring 2009

EME 525 Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis for Engineers (3) The course provides a broad introduction to analytical methods commonly used in science, technology, and energy policy analysis.
Effective: Summer 2008

EME 541 Electrochemical Science and Engineering Fundamentals (3) Fundamentals of electrochemical science and engineering based on electrochemical thermodynamics and kinetics.
Effective: Fall 2014

EME 570 (MATSE 570) Catalytic Materials (3) Preparation and characterization of solid catalytic materials and the relationships between their surface, defect, and electronic properties and catalytic activity.
Effective: Summer 2008
Prerequisite: CHEM 452 or similar course in chemical materials or energy sciences and engineering  

EME 580 Interdisciplinary Team Project in EME Systems (3) Problem-based, integrative, and collaborative learning to solve interdisciplinary problems on energy and mineral systems based on engineering and business principles.
Effective: Fall 2012
Prerequisite: EME 500  

EME 581 Research and Geostatistics Methods (3) Presents methods essential for the conduct and analysis of scientific research and spatial characterization in energy and mineral engineering disciplines.
Effective: Summer 2012

EME 590 (F SC 590, MNG 590, P N G 590) Colloquium (1-3) Continuing seminars that consist of individual lectures by faculty, students or outside speakers on energy and mineral engineering issues.
Effective: Spring 2009

EME 596 Individual Studies (1-9 per semester/maximum of 12) Creative projects, including nonthesis research, that are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.
Effective: Summer 2015

EME 597 Special Topics (1-9 per semester/maximum of 12) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently.
Effective: Summer 2015

EME 600 Thesis Research (1-12) Thesis research culminating into the doctoral degree in Energy and Mineral Engineering.
Effective: Summer 2008

EME 601 Thesis Preparation (0) Thesis research after successful comprehensive exam culminating into the doctoral degree in Energy and Minerl Engineering.
Effective: Summer 2008

EME 801 Energy Markets, Policy, and Regulation (3) Structure and function of energy markets; existing and emerging environmental regulations; decision-making by energy companies.
Effective: Summer 2013

EME 802 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems (3) An overview of renewable energy technologies and sustainable energy system analysis.
Effective: Summer 2013

EME 803 Applied Energy Policy (3) Provides in-depth exploration of energy policy development, implementation, and assessment at multiple governmental and corporate scales with emphasis on energy markets.
Effective: Summer 2013

EME 805 Renewable Energy and Nonmarket Enterprise (3) Industry perspective on the resources, technologies, engineering approaches and externalities involved in deploying renewable energy businesses profitably and sustainably.
Effective: Summer 2013

EME 807 Technologies for Sustainability Systems (3) This course examines strategies and applications of sustainable technologies in manufacturing, energy, water, transportation, food, and building systems.
Effective: Summer 2013

EME 810 Solar Resource Assessment and Economics (3) Methods, economic criteria, and meteorological background for assessing the solar resource with respect to solar energy conversion technologies.
Effective: Summer 2013

EME 811 Solar Thermal Energy for Utilities and Industry (3) Applications of solar thermal energy (STE) including district heating/cooling (buildings), industrial process heating, fuel synthesis, desalination, and materials processing.
Effective: Summer 2013
Prerequisite: EME 810  

EME 812 Utility Solar Power and Concentration (3) Technical and theoretical background for utility scale solar energy conversion technologies to generate electric power.
Effective: Summer 2013
Prerequisite: EME 810  

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