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Emergency Med-Hy (EMED)

EMED 740 Emergency Medicine Ultrasound (5) This course provides hands-on exposure to bedside ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation in the Emergency Department.
Effective: Spring 2010
Prerequisite: successful completion of Year III and must have previously taken an Emergency Medicine elective or AI.  

EMED 745 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Elective (5) This course is designed to provide a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Experience for students interested in the acute care of children and is designed to expose the students to the broad range of conditions that present to a Pediatric Emergency Department.
Effective: Summer 2014
Prerequisite: third year clerkships in Pediatrics and at least two other core third year clerkships  

EMED 752 Emergency Medicine Acting Internship (5) Supervised experience in the management of acute medical and surgical conditions in the emergency care unit.
Effective: Fall 2008
Prerequisite: successful completion of all third year core clerkships  

EMED 754 Toxicology Elective (5) Toxicology admissions and consults; weekly two-hour conferences; poison center sign-out rounds; exposure to the most common toxicologic poisonings; research opportunities.
Effective: Spring 2002
Prerequisite: completion of third year of medical school  

EMED 756 Emergency Medicine Elective for Third Year Students (2.5) Introduction for the 3rd year medical student to various aspects of Emergency Medicine.
Effective: Summer 2009
Prerequisite: completion of the second year of medical school  

EMED 796 Emergency Medicine Independent Studies (5) Emergency Medicine Independent Studies
Effective: Fall 2008
Prerequisite: Successful completion of all 3rd year clerkships  

EMED 797 Emergency Medicine Special Topics (5) Emergency Medicine Special Topics
Effective: Fall 2008
Prerequisite: Successful completion of all third year clerkships  

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