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Entrepreneurship (ENTR)

ENTR 400 Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures (3) Overview of alternative forms of financing including seed capital, valuing a company, going public, partnerships, and acquisitions.
Effective: Summer 2000
Prerequisite: B A 243 orB LAW 243;ENTR 320, FIN 301  

ENTR 410 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3) Principles of Internet marketing and strategies for marketing new ventures on the Web.
Effective: Spring 2007
Prerequisite: ENTR 320, MIS 204, MKTG 301  

ENTR 420 Leadership and Growth of New Ventures (3) Leadership of an entrepreneurial organization, including organizational effectiveness, stages of entrepreneurial growth, strategies for the future, and developing people.
Effective: Summer 2000
Prerequisite: ENTR 320;MGMT 100 orMGMT 301  

ENTR 430 Entrepreneurship and New Product Development (3) Examines the process of designing, testing and launching new products, and developing a strategy for commercialization of the technology.
Effective: Summer 2000
Prerequisite: ENTR 300  

ENTR 440 Entrepreneurship and Franchising (3) Overview of the entire franchising process with a focus on licensing and distributorship, trade marks, strategy, and growing the enterprise.
Effective: Summer 2000
Prerequisite: ENTR 300  

ENTR 496 Independent Studies (1-18) Creative projects, including research and design, that are supervised on an individual basis and that fall outside the scope of formal courses.
Effective: Summer 2000

ENTR 497 Special Topics (1-9) Formal courses given infrequently to explore, in depth, a comparatively narrow subject that may be topical or of special interest.
Effective: Summer 2000

ENTR 500 Innovation and Entrepreneurship (1-3) Practical and theortical insights into analyzing a new business opportunity that you have created.
Effective: Summer 2008

ENTR 502 Starting and Growing a New Business (2) An overview of traditional entrepreneurship considerations including competition, management teams, financing, and exit plans.
Effective: Summer 2002

ENTR 503 Garber Venture Capital Practicum (1-2) Structure investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and potentially invest funds from the Smeal College of Business Garber Venture Capital Fund.
Effective: Summer 2002

ENTR 504 Essentials of Business Planning (2) Create a concise and coherent business plan for a start-up or a new corporate initiative.
Effective: Spring 2011

ENTR 571 Strategic Innovation in Corporate Networks (2) Capstone course integrating themes related to innovation by exploring entrepreneurism as strategic force throughout a full range of corporate entities.
Effective: Spring 2010

ENTR 596 Individual Studies (1-9) Creative projects, including nonthesis research, that are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.
Effective: Summer 2002

ENTR 597 Special Topics (1-9) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently; several different topics may be taught in one year or semester.
Effective: Spring 2002

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