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Homeland Security (HLS)

HLS 401 (P ADM 401) Introduction to Homeland Security (3) This course provides foundational knowledge about homeland security, including policy, organization, and legal issues in the American context.
Effective: Fall 2016

HLS 404 (P ADM 404) Homeland Security and Defense in Practice (3) This course analyzes, evaluates, and critiques homeland security plans in practice.
Effective: Fall 2016
Prerequisite: P ADM 401  

HLS 540 Comparative Homeland Security and Related Methods (3) The course will address international cooperation in Homeland Security and compare select national approaches as well as teach related practical methods of analysis.
Effective: Summer 2015
Prerequisite: HLS 801, HLS 803, HLS 805, P ADM 401 andP ADM 802  

HLS 558 (PSY 558, PHP 558) Disaster Psychology (3) Explores psychological impact of disasters and terrorist attacks on victims, families, rescuers, and society and methods of reducing negative effects.
Effective: Spring 2012
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor  

HLS 575 U.S. Homeland Security Law (3) Analysis of Constitutional provisions, legislative enactments, executive directives and judicial decisions relating to homeland security.
Effective: Spring 2015

HLS 594 Research Topics (3) Research project.
Effective: Spring 2016
Prerequisite: HLS 801, HLS 803 andHLS 805;P ADM 401, P ADM 404, P ADM 802 andP ADM 804  

HLS 595A Internship Experience in the Homeland Security Enterprise (3-6 per semester/maximum of 6) Provides real-world experience in the Homeland Security Enterprise. Supervision/support is provided by site personnel and Penn State Graduate Faculty.
Effective: Summer 2015
Prerequisite: HLS 801, HLS 803 andHLS 805  

HLS 597 Special Topics (1-9) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently.
Effective: Summer 2015

HLS 801 (P ADM 801) Homeland Security Administration: Policies and Programs (3) Foundation for understanding homeland security history, the development of homeland security policies and organizations, and current management approaches.
Effective: Summer 2010

HLS 802 (P ADM 802) Multifaceted Approaches to Homeland Security (3) Examination of the roles of the public and private sectors and the military in preparing, mitigating, and responding to disasters.
Effective: Fall 2016
Prerequisite: P ADM 401  

HLS 803 (PHIL 803) Homeland Security: Social and Ethical Issues (3) This course will examine the social, political, legal, and ethical issues that arise in the context of homeland security.
Effective: Summer 2010

HLS 804 (P ADM 804) Strategic Planning and Organizational Imperatives in Homeland Defense and Security (3) The Homeland Security framework depends on strategic planning and organization. This course examines the key issues associated with these.
Effective: Spring 2017 Future: Spring 2017
Prerequisite: P ADM 401  

HLS 805 (PL SC 805) Violence, Threats, Terror, and Insurgency (3) This course examines political violence committed by non-state groups as it applies to homeland security from both a domestic and global perspective.
Effective: Spring 2016

HLS 832 U.S. Military's Domestic Imperative: Homeland Defense and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (3) Provides an overview of the homeland defense mission and domestic support of civil authorities during disasters, and the distinctions between the two.
Effective: Summer 2015
Prerequisite: HLS 801  

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