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Hum Res & Empmnt Rel (HRER)

HRER 500 Topics in Comparative Industrial Relations (3 per semester/maximum of 6) Similarities and differences of various aspects in industrial relations assessed within the political, economic, and historical contexts.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 501 Labor and Employment Law (3) Legal context of employment in the United States.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 502 Human Behavior at Work (3) This course takes an individual, group, and organizational perspective to deepen students' knowledge of individual and team behavior in organizations.
Effective: Fall 2016

HRER 503 Seminar in International Human Resources Studies (3) Seminar course exploring human resource studies from an international perspective.
Effective: Summer 2013

HRER 504 Seminar in Employment Relations (3) Theory, process, and issues of employment relations, including collective bargaining and contract administration.
Effective: Fall 2012

HRER 505 Seminar in Human Resources (3) Current human resource topics in the context of organizational strategy, planning, and responsibility.
Effective: Spring 2011

HRER 510 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Resources and Employment Relatons (1) An overview of professional development and research activities of scholars of Human Resources and Employment Relations.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 512 Research Methods in Human Resources and Employment Relations I (3) Research design, sampling design, data collection, and analysis; modeling, means and comparison of means, correlation analysis; and case study.
Effective: Spring 2008
Prerequisite: STAT 200, STAT 480  

HRER 513 Research Methods in Human Resources and Employment Relations II (3) Continuation of research design, validity and reliability; experimental design and ANOVA; survey design, and multiple regression models.
Effective: Spring 2012

HRER 516 Labor Market Analysis (3) Neoclassical, institutional and systemic theories of external and internal labor markets and their dynamics.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 523 (WMNST 523) Seminar in Work-Life Dilemmas, Practices, and Policies (3) The course will provide students with an analytic framework for understanding how social inequalities in race, class, and gender shape experiences in families and the workplace.
Effective: Spring 2015

HRER 526 Managing Talent Flow (3) This course covers the strategic management of talent into, through, and out of organizations including recruiting, selection, and employee transitions.
Effective: Summer 2016
Prerequisite: HRER 513  

HRER 536 Diversity in the Workplace (3) Women and minorities in the workplace.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 594 Research Topics (1-18) Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 595 Internship (1-18) Supervised off-campus, nongroup instruction, including field experiences, practicums, or internships. Written and oral critique of activity required.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 596 Individual Studies (1-9) Creative projects, including nonthesis research, that are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 597 Special Topics (1-9) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently; several different topics may be taught in one year or semester.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 599 (IL) Foreign Studies (1-12 per semester, maximum of 24) Full-time graduate-level foreign study at overseas institution with whom linkages have been established.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 600 Thesis Research (1-15) No description.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 603 Foreign Academic Experience (1-12) Foreign study and/or research constituting progress toward the degree at a foreign university.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 610 Thesis Research Off-Campus (1-15) No description.
Effective: Spring 2008

HRER 801 Comparative and International Employment and Labor Law (3) Survey of employment and labor laws around the world that shape the practice of international human resource management (IHRM).
Effective: Summer 2015

HRER 802 Human Behavior and Organizational Performance (3) This course helps students understand individual and team behavior in organizations and its impact on individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.
Effective: Spring 2016

HRER 803 Human Resources in Multinational Enterprises (3) This course examines current human resource management (HRM) systems world- wide and the influence of globalization on HRM practice.
Effective: Spring 2016

HRER 811 Labor and Employment Law II (3) Advanced topics in labor and employment law; such areas as immigration, unemploymnet compensation, and safety/health.
Effective: Fall 2011
Prerequisite: HRER 501  

HRER 816 Labor Market Analysis (3) Neoclassical economic and institutional theoretical perspectives on labor supply, demand for labor, internal labor markets, wage determination and labor policies.
Effective: Fall 2007

HRER 825 Strategic Business Tools for HRER Professionals (3) This course connects Business Strategy, Financial Tools, and HR to an organization's strategic business objectives.
Effective: Summer 2014
Prerequisite: HRER 505  

HRER 836 Diversity in the Workplace (3) This course examines workplace diversity, gender and race challenges facing employers and employees, and the skills for managing diversity.
Effective: Fall 2007

HRER 860 Ethical Decision Making for HR Practitioners (3) Use of normative elements associated with ethical decision making, as well as the emerging interest in descriptive ethics, to address important problems human resource managers confront.
Effective: Summer 2015
Prerequisite: HRER 501, HRER 504 andHRER 505  

HRER 894 Research Topics (1-15) Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis.
Effective: Fall 2007

HRER 897 Special Topics (1-9) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently; several different topics may be taught in one year or semester.
Effective: Spring 2010

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