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Music Education (MU ED)

MU ED 440 Music Learning and Development (2) Psychological principles related to music learning processes and applications of those to teaching music.
Effective: Spring 2010
Prerequisite: permission of program  

MU ED 540 Reflective Practice and Inquiry I (2) This course will develop students' reflection in and on teaching through gaining understanding of systematic inquiry and reflection paradigms.
Effective: Spring 2010

MU ED 541 Developing Music Curricula (2) Introduction to the process for developing music curricula for grades K-12 that reflects current theories/research data as well as state/national guidelines.
Effective: Fall 2009

MU ED 545 Psychological Foundations of Musical Behavior (3) Study of psychoacoustical effects of musical stimuli; emphasis on responses affecting learning musical ability, musical taste, and aesthetic reactions.
Effective: Fall 2009

MU ED 546 Assessment of Music Learning (2) Exploration of the unique processes, techniques, and challenges involved in the assessment of music learning.
Effective: Fall 2009

MU ED 547 Mentoring Novice Teachers (1 per semester/maximum of 2) Strategies for mentoring novice music teachers in peer teaching experiences and in K-12 school field experiences.
Effective: Summer 2010

MU ED 550 Reflective Practice and Inquiry II (2) This course will use systematic inquiry and reflection to assist students' in understanding the relevance of research methods in music education.
Effective: Spring 2010
Prerequisite: MU ED 540  

MU ED 555 Doctoral Seminar in Music Education (1 per semester, maximum of 6) Forum for the discussion of problems in theory and design encountered in individual and group research projects.
Effective: Fall 2009
Prerequisite: admission to doctoral candidacy  

MU ED 556 Music Learning Theories and Approaches (3) An in-depth analysis of music learning theories and an overview of various approaches to music teaching and learning.
Effective: Summer 2016

MU ED 557 Readings in the History of American Music Education (2) Intensive reading course on the history of American music education and the social, theological, and educational influences on the profession.
Effective: Fall 2009

MU ED 559 Contemporary Issues in Music Education (1-2) Consideration of the current political and pedagogical issues that influence curriculum development, teaching, and administration of K-12 music programs.
Effective: Fall 2009

MU ED 597 Special Topics (1-3 per semester/maximum of 9) Formal courses given infrequently to explore, in depth, a comparatively narrow subject which may be topical or of special interest.
Effective: Spring 2014

MU ED 600 Thesis Research (1-9 per semester/maximum 15) No description.
Effective: Spring 2016

MU ED 601 Ph.D. Dissertation FULL-Time (0) No description.
Effective: Spring 2016

MU ED 602 Supervised Experience in College Teaching (1-2 per term, maximum of 12) Supervised experience for teaching assistants in music education.
Effective: Spring 2016

MU ED 610 Thesis Research Off Campus (1-9 per semester/maxiumum 15) This course is for non-resident graduate students engaging in thesis work in Music Education.
Effective: Spring 2016

MU ED 611 Ph D Dissertation Part-Time (0) Research course.
Effective: Spring 2016

MU ED 895 Practicum in Music Teaching (1 per semester/maximum of 4) Field experiences in music teaching for graduate students in music education.
Effective: Summer 2012

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