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Public Health Preparedness (PHP)

PHP 410 Public Health Preparedness for Disaster and Terrorist Emergencies I (3) Analyzes the history of terrorism and explores the preparation and response to specific terrorist threats, natural disasters, and conventional catastrophes.
Effective: Fall 2010
Prerequisite: Undergraduate StudentsBIOL 011 andBIOL 012 orCHEM 110 andCHEM 111 orMICRB 106 andMICRB 107 ; Graduate Students - Enrollment in the MHS program the Post- Baccalaureate Credit Certificate in Homeland Security or permission from the instructor.  

PHP 510 Public Health Preparedness for Disaster and Terrorist Emergencies II (3) A public health perspective on the preparation necessary to develop a coordinated response to a disaster or terrorist emergency.
Effective: Spring 2012
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor  

PHP 527 Public Health Evaluation of Disasters and Bioterrorism (3) Introduces students to the design of exposure assessment and health effect studies applicable to disasters and terrorism.
Effective: Spring 2012
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor  

PHP 530 (HLS 530) Critical Infrastructure Protection of Health Care Delivery Systems (3) Investigates the impact that terrorist incidents may have on healthcare facilities or their ability to deliver healthcare services.
Effective: Spring 2012
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor  

PHP 553 (CAS 553) Disaster Communication (3) This seminar provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted nature of disaster communication across phases of a disaster.
Effective: Spring 2012

PHP 558 (PSY 558, HLS 558) Disaster Psychology (3) Explores psychological impact of disasters and terrorist attacks on victims, families, rescuers, and society and methods of reducing negative effects.
Effective: Spring 2012
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor  

PHP 594 (HLS 594) Research Topics (1-15) Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis.
Effective: Spring 2012
Prerequisite: Completion of at least 15 credits in the program or permission of the instructor.  

PHP 596 Individual Studies (1-9 per semester/maximum of 9) Creative projects, including nonthesis research, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.
Effective: Summer 2013

PHP 597 Special Topics (1-3 per semester/maximum of 9) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently, several topics may be taught in one year or term.
Effective: Summer 2013

PHP 831 Public Health Preparedness and the Emergency Operations Plan (3) Teaches fundamentals of emergency preparedness exercises (i.e. orientation, tabletop, drill, functional and full scale exercises.
Effective: Summer 2015
Prerequisite: PHP 530  

PHP 832 Fundamentals of Biorisk Management (3) This course covers the principles, methods, and competencies for developing, improving, and evaluating a biorisk management system.
Effective: Fall 2015

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