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Real Prop/Envrml Law (RP&EL)

RP&EL 960 Environmental Law (3) This course introduces some of the most important concepts, issues, and statutes in environmental law. After discussing the economic and ethical bases for environmental law. After discussing the economic and ethical bases for environmental law and briefly reviewing the relevant principles of constitutional and common law, students examine a representative selection of federal statutes, including the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered species Act, "Superfund," and the Clean Air Act.
Effective: Summer 1999

RP&EL 962 Environmental Litigation (2) This course explores the various aspects of litigation, client counseling, and regulatory work that arise in the day to day practice of environmental law. Emphasis is on the practical aspects of the practice of law, with active class participation using problems designed to duplicate situations faced by environmental attorneys in their practices. Among other things, students will cross-examine scientific experts, prepare a plant manager for a deposition, and negotiate a civil penalty for environmental violations. Although environmental law is used a basis for the mock exercises, prior environmental classes are not a prerequisite, and the skills taught in this course will translate well to other types of litigation.
Effective: Spring 2013

RP&EL 964 Real Estate Negotiation and Drafting (3) Students will learn to negotiate and draft multiple standard documents used in commercial real estate transactions.
Effective: Spring 2011

RP&EL 965 Oil and Gas Law (3) This course will address the basic concepts in oil and gas law within the United States as well as the specific legal issues associated with the developement of the Marcellus Shale formation. This specific topics to be covered include the owernership of oil and gas, oil and gas leasing, oil and gas conservation laws, oil and gas interests, and government regulation of development.
Effective: Summer 2012

RP&EL 966 Law and Policy of Shale Gas Development (3) This course will address current legal and policy aspects of shale oil and gas development.
Effective: Spring 2015

RP&EL 967 Water Law & Policy (3) This course provides an overview of U.S.-focused law and policy related to water.
Effective: Spring 2015

RP&EL 973 Land Use Controls (3) The public regulation of private property raises some of the more interesting and difficult questions in property law. On one side of the debate is the government, which seeks to regulate land use in ways that it believes promote the public interest. On the other side are private property owners who often object to restrictions placed on their ability to use their property as they deem best. In studying this tension between public goals and private rights, the course will explore the constitutional limitations placed on governments in the area of land use regulations as well as topics such as variances, special use permits, vested rights, subdivision controls, exactions, and impact fees, exclusionary zoning, the rebuilding of urban cores, and the managing of growth in suburban areas.
Effective: Summer 2011

RP&EL 980 Construction Law (2) This course examines the peculiar legal problems encountered on construction projects. It covers contract, tort and statutory law as adapted specifically to the construction industry. It analyzes the perspectives of an owner, developer, architect/engineer, contractor, subcontractor and bonding company, both in the context of private and public construction projects, commerical and residential. the principal areas of inquiry are contract structure, public bidding, theories of liability, payment and security mechanisms, claims related to time, disruption and extra work, and claims arising from construction defects. This course is designed to enable you to become familiar with construction law and the construction industry so that, whether you work in the public sector of private practice, you will be able to offer practical legal advice to construction professionals.
Effective: Fall 2014

RP&EL 988 Natural Resources Law (3) This course provides a basic overview of federal and state regulations and the common law affecting title to and exploitation of such resources as water, coal, oil, gas, and public lands. Common mineral leasing provisions are given particular emphasis.
Effective: Summer 1999

RP&EL 997 Special Topics (1-9) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently.
Effective: Spring 2005

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