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Science, Technology, and Society (S T S)

S T S 407 (PHIL 407) Technology and Human Values (3) Interrelationships of twentieth-century technological change and human values. Emphasis on the social and ethical aspects of technological progress.
Effective: Spring 1999
Prerequisite: 9 credits in philosophy includingPHIL 107 or 6 credits of philosophy at the 200 level  

S T S 408 (COMM 408) Cultural Foundations of Communications (3) Examination of oral, scribal, print, industrial and electronic cultures; analysis of impact of technology on communications and social structure.
Effective: Spring 2009
Prerequisite: select 3 credits fromCOMM 100, COMM 110, COMM 118, COMM 150, COMM 180, COMM 251, COMM 260W, COMM 320, COMM 370 ; or 3 credits of S T S  

S T S 416 (US;IL) (AF AM 416) Race, Gender and Science (3) The class will focus on race and gender as products of science, and how societal values shape scientific activity.
Effective: Fall 2015
Prerequisite: 6 credits in S T S WMNST or AAA S  

S T S 420 (EM SC 420, SOC 420) Energy and Modern Society (3) Technology and economics of energy resources, production, and consumption; environmental factors, exhaustion, new technology.
Effective: Spring 1991

S T S 427W Society and Natural Resources (3) Analysis of the relationship between societal development and enhancement and natural resources.
Effective: Fall 2015
Prerequisite: R SOC 011 orSOC 001  

S T S 428 (IL) (HIST 428) The Darwinian Revolution (3) The origins and implications of evolutionary theory.
Effective: Spring 2006
Prerequisite: An introductory Science course and a history course.  

S T S 430 (IL) (NUTR 430) Global Food Strategies: Problems and Prospects for Reducing World Hunger (3) Technological, social, and political solutions to providing basic food needs; food resources, population, and the environment; current issues.
Effective: Summer 2005

S T S 432 (PHIL 432) Medical and Health Care Ethics (3) Examines ethical, political, and social issues in the research, implementation, and practice of medicine, medical technologies, and healthcare.
Effective: Fall 1998
Prerequisite: fifth-semester standing  

S T S 433 (PHIL 433) Ethics in Science and Engineering (3) Ethical issues arising in the practice of science and engineering and their philosophical analysis.
Effective: Fall 1995

S T S 435 (PHIL 435) The Interrelation of Science, Philosophy, and Religion (3) The historical and transformative interactions between science and Western philosophical and religious views of nature, humanity, and God.
Effective: Spring 1996

S T S 460 (PL SC 460) Science, Technology, and Public Policy (3) The all-pervasive importance of science and technology policy in modern societies and mechanisms and processes by which it is made.
Effective: Spring 1995
Prerequisite: three credits in Natural Sciences or Engineering three credits in Social and Behavioral Sciences  

S T S 470 Technology Assessment and Transfer (3) Nature of technology assessment and technology transfer in product design and development process from federal and university labs, and internationally.
Effective: Summer 1996

S T S 589 Ethics and Values in Science and Technology (3) Study interrelationships of 20th century technological change and human values with emphasis on social and ethical aspects of technological progress.
Effective: Summer 1994

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