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Asian Studies (ASIA)

ERIC HAYOT, Director of Asian Studies
441 Burrowes Building

Degrees Conferred:

Students electing this program through primary departments will earn a Ph.D. in (graduate program name) and Asian Studies.

The following graduate programs offer dual degrees in Asian Studies: Applied Linguistics, Comparative Literature, and History.


The Graduate Faculty

Asian Studies faculty include individuals with budgeted appointments in Asian Studies and individuals with courtesy joint appointments.


Program Objectives of a Dual-Title Degree in Asian Studies

A dual-title degree in Asian Studies and a given discipline acknowledges and fosters scholarly work across the disciplines, and increases the intellectual rigor and breadth of graduate work. The dual-title degree teaches student to synthesize knowledge within and across disciplinary boundaries.

The primary advantages of a dual-title degree includes the intellectual and academic advantages of interdisciplinarity, strengthening the reputation of individual programs/departments through innovative degree programs, increased recruitment of quality graduate students, and improved placement of doctoral graduates.

The dual-title degree program in Asian Studies does not duplicate any other degree program at Penn State.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the admission requirements set forth by the Graduate School and the cooperating department, students seeking admission to the dual-title program will be admitted to graduate study in Asian Studies by an admissions committee of Asian Studies-affiliated faculty. Students must be admitted to a primary program before applying for the dual-title degree. Therefore, the Asian Studies program will follow the timetable and admission requirements of the cooperating department. Applicants should have a junior/senior cumulative average of a 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) and appropriate course background. Prospective students seeking admission to the dual-title degree program will write a statement of purpose that addresses the ways in which their research and professional goals will reflect an interest in interdisciplinary and Asian Studies-related research.

Degree Requirements

The requirements for the dual-title Ph.D. include Asia-related coursework, Asia-related components to the candidacy and comprehensive exams, strong all-skills proficiency in one Asian language and either two-years' college study (or equivalent) of another Asian language or else an alternative proficiency appropriate to the student's field; and the completion of an Asian Studies-related dissertation.

Ph.D. Requirements

Coursework: 15 credits of Asia-related coursework at the 400 or 500 level. At least 9 of these 15 credits will be from ASIA 501, 502, and 597; the remainder may come from Asian Studies or from the student's home department, as approved by the student's doctoral adviser and the Asian Studies program director of graduate studies.

Language requirement: Students will show strong all-skills proficiency in one Asian language and either two years' college study (or equivalent) of another Asian language or else an alternative proficiency appropriate to the student's field.

Graduate committee, examinations, dissertation: A representative of the Asian Studies program will serve on the student's doctoral committee, which will take the student's home departmental practice into consideration in determining how to include an appropriate Asian Studies component in the student's candidacy and comprehensive examinations and in the dissertation.

Student Aid

Graduate assistantships available to students in this program and other forms of student aid are in the STUDENT AID section of the Graduate Bulletin.

Course Listings

Courses in Asian Studies

ASIA 401. East Asian Studies (3)
ASIA 501. Asian Studies: Theories, Methods, and Archives I (1-3)
ASIA 502. Asian Studies: Theories, Methods, and Archives II (1-3)
ASIA 594. Research Topics (1-15)
ASIA 595. Internship (1-12)
ASIA 596. Independent Study
ASIA 597. Special Topics in Asian Studies
ASIA 599. Foreign Studies (3 per semester, maximum of 4)
ASIA 600. Thesis Research

Asian Studies (ASIA) course list


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Blue Sheet Item #: 37-07-029

Review Date: 06/16/2009

Faculty last updated: 12/3/13


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