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Graduate Degree Programs

Science/Business, Integrated Five-Year Program

Degree Conferred:

B.S./M.B.A. Degrees

This special program is a cooperative effort between the Eberly College of Science and the Smeal College of Business. The program will provide an opportunity for students to combine and accelerate an undergraduate program in the basic sciences with a graduate program in business administration. Students admitted to this program will have the opportunity to earn a B.S. degree in General Science from the Eberly College of Science and an M.B.A. in Business Administration from the Smeal College in a total of five years. The first three years of study will include courses that satisfy the undergraduate science and General Education components of the program, and the last two years will satisfy the graduate business components of the program.

Initial program admission decisions are made jointly by the Eberly College of Science and the Smeal College of Business. The decision to extend an invitation to join the program as an undergraduate is reached through a multi-step process. First, applicants meeting all program criteria will be initially reviewed. Then a limited number of top candidates will be selected for on campus interviews by representatives of the Eberly College of Science and the Smeal College of Business. Successful interviewees will be offered admission to the accelerated program.

During the third year of the program, students formally apply to the MBA program in the Smeal College of Business. Applications are reviewed against the same criteria used for all MBA applicants, including undergraduate record, GMAT scores and related work experience. Successful candidates will gain admission into the MBA program for their fourth year of study. Students will then earn their B.S. degree during the first year of M.B.A. course work, and earn their M.B.A. degree at the end of their second year of graduate study. In addition to the regular fall and spring semester course work, program students are expected to earn credit during summer session through Cooperative Education experiences and participate in the MBA internship program.

This program seeks to combine an undergraduate program with graduate study in a professional school, and it proposes to attract and select excellent students with defined career goals. It is important to note that students in this program will have completed at least 112 undergraduate credits before entering the MBA component of the program. They will satisfy all of Penn State's undergraduate General Education requirements and will complete the science course requirements that a General Science student with the General option does. The main elements that are different for students in the accelerated program as compared with regular four-year General Science major (General option) are that in the accelerated program students use elective credits for summer Co-op experiences and for 12 transfer credits from their first year of MBA studies. These 12 credits will be "double counted" on both the undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Accelerated students also will have an opportunity to take special "bridge" courses including 1- and 2-credit seminar classes that will focus on traversing the boundaries among science, technology, and business.





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