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Information Systems Cybersecurity

Postbaccalaureate Credit Certificate Program

Lead Certificate Chair:

Mary Beth Rosson
Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

This postbaccalaureate certificate program is designed to provide students with both a breadth and depth of training in information cybersecurity. The certificate will enable those completing the program to market to academic institutions, government, and technology-based businesses. Students will be exposed to principles, models, tools, and applications in information security that specifically focus on network security, security and risk management, digital forensics, crisis and disaster management, and web security and privacy. A distance education format is used to accommodate the needs of professionals already active in this area. The certificate program is an attractive option not only for those who desire advanced education but do not wish a full Master's degree program, but also for students who might wish to take a certificate to determine if they are interested in a complete postbaccalaureate degree program in Information Sciences and Technology (IST). To be awarded the certificate, students must successfully complete 15 credits of course work as detailed below. A 3.0 GPA must be obtained in order to successfully complete the certificate.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants must apply for admission to the certificate program via the Graduate School application for admission. Admission requirements are stated in the GENERAL INFORMATION section of the Graduate Bulletin. International applicants must satisfy the English proficiency requirement. A bachelor's degree in a related area (e.g., engineering and science), while not necessary for admission, is helpful in the successful completion of the certificate. It is expected that students will have a basic level of competency in computer language and information technology (related work experience can be used to demonstrate such competency). GRE scores are not required for nondegree graduate students.

Required Courses (15 credits)

IST 815(3), IST 554(3); IST 451(3); IST 454(3); IST 456(3); IST 564(3); INSC 561(3)


Effective Date: Spring 2017
Expiration Date: Spring 2022


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