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Undergraduate Degree Programs

B.A. Degree Requirements: Foreign Language

20 Courses

ARAB 003
Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic (4) More complex grammatical forms; vocabulary building principles; continued development of skills in conversation, reading, writing; culturally-oriented readings and films.
Effective: Summer 2010
Prerequisite: ARAB 002

CHNS 003
Level Two Chinese A (4) Continued audio-lingual practice of Mandarin Chinese, more extensive practice in reading and writing; study of Chinese culture.
Effective: Spring 2011
Prerequisite: CHNS 002

FR 003
Intermediate French (4) Grammar, reading, composition, oral and aural exercises.
Effective: Fall 1985
Prerequisite: FR 002

FR 112
Intermediate French (6) Reinforcement of basic skills previously acquired in the active use of French in FR 111.
Effective: Fall 1983

GER 003
Intermediate German (4) Continued four-skill development with increased emphasis on reading, writing, and grammatical accuracy; culturally-oriented reading selections and videos. Students may receive credit for only one of the following: GER 003 or GER 008.
Effective: Summer 1994
Prerequisite: GER 002

GER 012
Intensive Intermediate German (6) Continued skill development of structures and vocabulary; listening, speaking, reading, writing. Taught on an accelerated basis. Students may receive credit for only one of the following: GER 002, 003, 012, or 016.
Effective: Fall 1983
Prerequisite: GER 011

HEBR 003
Intermediate Modern Hebrew (4) Grammar, reading, composition, and oral and aural exercises.
Effective: Summer 1977
Prerequisite: HEBR 002

Level Two Hindi A (4) This is an intermediate level course in Hindi that seeks to improve student's skills in oral and written expression.
Effective: Summer 2010
Prerequisite: HINDI 002 or equivalent competency

IT 003
Intermediate Italian (4) Advanced grammar; oral and written composition; reading of modern authors; Italian life and culture.
Effective: Winter 1978
Prerequisite: IT 002

IT 010
Intensive Elementary Italian (6) Intensive Italian basic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills stressed. Lab. Equivalent to IT 001 and half of IT 002.
Effective: Spring 2005

IT 020
Intensive Intermediate Italian (6) Continuation of Intensive Elementary Italian, building on grammar and communication skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).
Effective: Summer 2004
Prerequisite: IT 010

Level Two Japanese A (4) Continued study of modern Japanese at elementary level; extensive audio- lingual practice for conversational fluency; reading/writing original scripts.
Effective: Spring 2011
Prerequisite: JAPNS 002

KOR 003
Level Two Korean A (4) Further development of listening, speaking, reading, writing skills in Korean; cultural elements.
Effective: Spring 2011
Prerequisite: KOR 002

Intermediate Latin (4) Selected readings from representative authors.
Effective: Winter 1978
Prerequisite: LATIN 002

PORT 003
Intermediate Portuguese (4) Grammar, reading, composition, and conversation.
Effective: Winter 1978
Prerequisite: PORT 002

RUS 003
Intermediate Russian (4) Emphasis on reading unsimplified texts; composition; grammatical analysis.
Effective: Fall 1985
Prerequisite: RUS 002

SPAN 003
Intermediate Spanish (4) Audio-lingual review of structure; writing; reading.
Effective: Fall 1985
Prerequisite: SPAN 002

SPAN 020
Intensive Spanish (6) Basic and intermediate Spanish grammar, oral, aural, and writing skills (essentially equivalent to second half of SPAN 002 and all of SPAN 003).
Effective: Fall 1988
Prerequisite: SPAN 010

SWA 003
Intermediate Swahili (4) Further development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Swahili: structures and vocabulary; cultural elements.
Effective: Spring 1995
Prerequisite: SWA 002

UKR 003
Intermediate Ukrainian (4) Reading, writing, and speaking Ukrainian.
Effective: Summer 1991
Prerequisite: UKR 002


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