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Global Language and Culture Minor

Penn State Altoona (GLC)

The minor in Global Language and Culture allows students to create an interdisciplinary program combining language study beyond the 12-credit level, an academic or internship experience abroad, and additional courses chosen to complete a thematic area of concentration. The GLC minor recognizes that students from all degree programs can benefit from developing intercultural competencies. It encourages students to deepen and enhance their understanding of another culture by developing advanced linguistic skills, completing a related experience abraod, and integrating both into an area of concentration of the student's choice. Applications to the minor must present a proposed plan of study that includes a clear geographic or thematic focus; this plan must be approved by the adviser for the minor. Students may apply toward the minor no more than nine credits from their major requirements.

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)


Language Requirement: Students must complete at least 6 credits beyond the 12-credit proficiency level in a single foreign language.

Study Abroad Requirement: Students must complete one of the following two options.
a) At least 6 credits as participants in a single approved Penn State education abroad program, in a country in which the chosen language is one of the major languages spoken.
b) At least 6 credits of a single accredited internship abroad, in a country in which the chosen language is one of the major languages spoken.

Courses taken abroad may be taught either in English (for thematically related courses) or in the target language.

When taken abroad, language courses below the 12-credit level may be used to fulfill the study abroad requirement, but will not count towards the 18 credits for the minor.

At least 6 credits, or as many as needed to complete the 18 credits for the minor after the above two requirements have been met.

Students must select these courses to complete a geographic or thematic concentration. The rationale for the inclusion of these courses must be described in the student's proposed plan of study, and approved by the advisor for the minor. Courses may be chosen from, but are not limited to, the fields of anthropology, art, communications, history, international studies, international business, literature, political science, or a variety of other disciplines related to international culture.

At least 6 credits for the minor must be at the 400-level. 400-level courses may be completed either abroad or at Penn State, and may be either in English or in the target language.

Blue Sheet Item #: 44-04-005

Review Date: 1/12/16


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