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Arts and Architecture

Landscape Architecture Minor

University Park, College of Arts and Architecture (LARCH_UMNR)

Landscape architecture is the art of design, planning, or management of the land and of the natural and built elements upon it. As an academic discipline, it embodies creative, cultural, philosophical, and scientific knowledge bases. As a professional discipline, the practice of landscape architecture includes site design, urban design, master planning, community planning, regional planning, resource conservation, and stewardship.

The Minor in Landscape Architecture allows greater accessibility to the knowledge domains within the professional accredited Landscape Architecture major. The minor, as a non-professional opportunity, provides students with a broad understanding of the history, practice, and theories of how landscape architecture shapes the world, as well as the opportunity for more specialized study in selected topics.

The minor is flexible so that students can tailor their course choices to accommodate individual interests. Students should seek the advice of the minor advisor for course selection.

This minor is appropriate for students wishing to gain a greater understanding of the landscape architecture discipline as it complements many other professions dealing with natural systems management, site and urban design, master planning (community and regional), graphic information systems, resource conservation and stewardship, and landscape history/preservation.

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

For a Minor in Landscape Architecture a minimum of 18 credits is required.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing Given Like (Sem: 1-2)


LARCH 60 GA;US;IL(3), LARCH 121(1), AA 121 GA(3)

(6 credits must be at the 400-level) LARCH 65 GA;US;IL(3); LARCH 115(3); LARCH 116(3); LARCH 145(3); LARCH 155(2); LARCH 156(2); LARCH 235(3); LARCH 245(3); LARCH 246(1); LARCH 256(2); LARCH 276(3); LARCH 365(3); LARCH 375(3); LARCH 424(3); LARCH 450(3); LARCH 495(1-3); LARCH 496(1-3); LARCH 497(1-3); LARCH 499 IL(1-12); ARCH 497(1-3) (Sem: 1-12)

Last Revised by the Department: Spring Semester 2017

Blue Sheet Item #: 45-04-014

Review Date: 1/10/2017


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