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Arts and Architecture

(Archive) Architecture (BARCH)

Begin Date: Summer Session 1996
End Date: Spring Semester 1999

Architecture (BARCH) - (ARCHIVE)

MICHAEL E. FIFIELD, Head, Department of Architecture

At the end of the fourth year in the ARCBS degree program (135 credits completed), students are reviewed for retention in the five-year BARCH program. This review evaluates a student's performance by reviewing the overall University grade-point average which must be a minimum of 2.5 and the student's performance in architectural design studio courses where the minimum grade-point average must be 2.67 on the 4.0 scale. In cases where either of these minimums are not met, a portfolio of design work examples will be requested of the student and reviewed by the committee. In cases where retention in the BARCH (five-year) program is not permitted, students having already completed the ARCBS (four-year, 135 credits) requirements will be given a "change of major" and awarded the Bachelor of Science degree in architecture. Students may also elect to leave Penn State after completing the requirements of the four-year (ARCBS) program and receive the Bachelor of Science degree.

For the B.Arch. degree in Architecture, a minimum of 165 credits is required.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem:1-2)

(6 of these 46 credits are included in the REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MAJOR)
(See description of General Education in front of Bulletin.)

ELECTIVES: 12 credits

(This includes 6 credits of General Education GA courses.)

A E 210(3), ARCH 110(3), 111(3), 121(2), 122(2), 131(3), 132(3), ART H 211 GA(3) (Sem: 1-2)
A E 421(3), 422(3), ARCH 203(3), 204(3), 231(5), 232(5), 281(3), ART H 212 GA(3), 213 GA(3) (Sem: 3-4)
A E 211(3), 424(3), ARCH 331(6), 332(6), ART H 214 GA(3) (Sem: 5-6)
ARCH 311W(3), 499B DF(3) (Sem: 7-8)
ARCH 451(3), 480(3), 491(6), 492(6) (Sem: 9-10)

ARCH 431(6), 432(6); or ARCH 431(6) or 432(6) and ARCH 499A DF(6) (Sem: 7-8)

Select 3 credits in art (Sem: 3-6)

Integrated BArch-MSArch Program

The Department of Architecture offers a limited number of academically superior students enrolled in the fourth year of the program leading to the Bachelor of Architecture degree the opportunity to enroll in an integrated program leading to both the Bachelor of Architecture and the Master of Science in Architecture degrees. The program permits the student to integrate the fifth year of study for the professional BARCH degree with the program of study for the MSARCH degree into a continuous program of study culminating in both degrees. The ability to coordinate as well as concurrently pursue the two degree programs enables the student to achieve greater depth and comprehensiveness than if the degrees are pursued sequentially and to earn the two degrees in a shorter period. In particular, the program encourages the student to integrate the undergraduate thesis design project with the master's thesis, thereby achieving a greater depth of inquiry.

The number of openings to this special program is limited; admission is by invitation of the faculty and is extremely selective.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the integrated program must be enrolled in the fourth year of a BSARCH program or otherwise qualified to apply for admission to the fifth year of the BARCH program at Penn State. To be admitted, applicants must be able to meet the following requirements:

--Must have completed a BSARCH, or other degree qualifying for admission to the BARCH program, prior to entry into the Integrated Degree program.

--Must be unconditionally accepted into the fifth year of the BARCH program at Penn State.

--Must be unprovisionally accepted into the MSARCH program at Penn State (see application requirements for the MSARCH degree in the Penn State Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin.

--Must have a minimum 3.20 junior/senior overall grade-point average (on a 4.0 scale) as well as: (1) a minimum 3.20 GPA in architectural design courses (studio), and (2) a minimum 3.20 GPA in all course work except architectural design courses (studio).

--In addition to the normal application requirements for the MSARCH degree, the student applicant shall provide a Plan of Study of not more than 1,500 words. The plan shall clearly describe the student's proposed general thesis topic and a strategy for pursuing it, including a list of proposed courses and a list of faculty whom the student foresees as contributing to the course of study.

The best-qualified students will be accepted up to the number of spaces available for new students. Acceptance to the program prior to the completion of all required course work is provisional, contingent upon meeting the previous requirements.

[1] A student enrolled in this major must receive a grade of C or better, as specified in Senate Policy 82-44.

The Pennsylvania State University ©1998

The University reserves the right to change the requirements and regulations listed here and to determine whether a student has satisfactorily met its requirements for admission or graduation, and to reject any applicant for any reason the University determines to be material to the applicant's qualifications to pursue higher education. Nothing in this material should be considered a guarantee that completion of a program and graduation from the University will result in employment.

Last Revised by the Department: Spring Semester 1996

Blue Sheet Item #: 24-01-001

Review Date: 6/7/99 (General Education Update)



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