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Business Logistics Minor (B LOG) - ARCHIVE

Begin Date: Spring Semester 2000
End Date: Fall Semester 2006 -UCA

Business Logistics Minor - ARCHIVE

University Park, Smeal College of Business (B LOG)

PROFESSOR JOHN E. TYWORTH, Chair of the Department of Business Logistics

The Business Logistics minor is structured to provide the student with a working knowledge of the discipline and to complement a student's major field of study. Because Business Logistics crosses both functional and organizational boundaries in business, it is an appropriate minor for non-logistics majors within The Smeal College as well as for students in other majors.

The B LOG minor provides exposure to basic business principles along with logistics and supply chain concepts. Because of the importance of transportation links in supply chains, the minor also requires a course on domestic and international freight transportation systems. Students within the minor may pursue supporting courses in Business Logistics, covering topics such as e-fulfillment and operations, strategic procurement, transportation management and policy, urban transportation, and international logistics. To be successful in the B LOG minor, the student must, at a minimum, possess a working knowledge of quantitative techniques and an understanding of basic economic principles.

Because Business Logistics is common to many industries, students graduating with a minor in Business Logistics can apply their expanded knowledge in areas such as agriculture, health care, manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, minerals and petroleum production, civilian and military government agencies, consulting, and food and hotel services.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)


ECON 002 GS(3), B LOG 320(3) (Sem: 5-6)

Select 6 credits from a or b:
a) Business Majors: BA 303(3), B LOG 305(3)
b) Non-Business Majors: B LAW 243(3), B LOG 301(3)
Select 6 credits from B LOG 405(3), B LOG 410(3), B LOG 415(3), B LOG 430(3), B LOG 432(3), or B LOG 455(3) (Sem: 5-8)

Last Revised by the Department: Spring Semester 2000

Blue Sheet Item #: 28-04-015

Review Date: 11/01



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