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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Information Sciences and Technology

Digital Media Trends and Analytics Minor

University Park, Donald P. Bellisario College Of COMMUNICATIONS (DMTA)

CARLEEN MAITLAND, Associate Professor IST

The DMTA minor will provide students with contextualized understanding of practices and trends in digital media, advertising, marketing and public relations. The minor is needed to provide a viable academic option for students who want to specialize in this fast-growing sector of the communications industry. In addition, completion of the minor will prepare students to pass a number of leading industry certification tests related to analytics, search, social media and digital media sales and marketing. The course sequence will begin with required basic courses in both IST (IST 110; 3 credits) and COMM (COMM 320 or 370; 3 credits) to ensure students have the foundational information they for the material that follows, and the ability to relate practices and trend in digital media to the larger communication and information technology landscapes. Students will then explore more focused courses in digital media, advertising, marketing and public relations. These areas reflect the major areas of digital communications activity. The digital media analytics course (3 credits) will lay the groundwork in audience the traffic measurement as well as detail the specifics of digital media system types and technologies. The search engine marketing class (3 credits) provides in-depth experience with the largest online advertising platform—Google Adwords. This course also makes connections to media analytics (also a central part of the Google marketer platform) and social media. The digital public relations class (3 credits) will focus on non-paid digital activities, most importantly social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+, and how these activities can be successfully integrated into a communications campaign. The digital advertising class (3 credits) will review new trends in the programmatic buying and selling of advertising outside of search engine marketing. Of specific interest are new developments in content marketing real-time auctions, and other platforms that bring together content providers and advertisers in an increasingly automated marketplace. This course sequence is designed to easily accommodate new and related digital courses and to complement existing courses in advertising/public relations, telecommunications, information technology, marketing and media.

 For the minor in Digital Media Trends and Analytics (DMTA) a minimum of 18 credits are required.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)


PRESCRIBED COURSES (15 credits) [1]
COMM 310(3), COMM 372(3), COMM 450B(3), IST 110 GS(3), IST 450A(3) (Sem: 4-8)

Select 3 credits from: COMM 320(3); COMM 370(3)(Sem: 3-4)

[1] A student enrolled in this major must receive a grade of C or better, as specified in Senate Policy 82-44.

Last Revised by the Department: Spring Semester 2015

Blue Sheet Item #: 43-06-000

Review Date: 04/14/2015


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