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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Information Sciences and Technology

Begin Date: Fall Semester 2001
End Date: Spring Semester 2013

Information Sciences and Technology for HR&IM Minor - ARCHIVE

University Park, College of Health and Human Development (ISHRM)
University Park, College of Information Sciences and Technology

The Internet and associated technologies have become vital communication channels for hospitality professionals. Historically, hospitality facilities such as hotels and restaurants used telephone, printed ads, and face-to-face contact to interact with customers. Now, technology is allowing Web sites, kiosks, e-mail, cell phones, personal digital assistants, and interactive television. Within the hospitality industry, corporate communications and training for employees can be handled electronically. Clearly, it is critical for HR&IM students to be cognizant about information science and technology if they are to succeed in hospitality management. Specifically, the learning outcomes for the IST-HR&IM minor are that students will attain the knowledge base necessary to direct the planning, design, and analysis of information technology systems for hospitality corporations and to integrate these systems for strategic, tactic, and operational use.

A one-time tuition surcharge will be applied to all students enrolled in the minor. A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

Scheduling Recommendations by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)


IST 110 GS(3) (Sem: 1-2)
IST 210(4) (Sem: 3-4)
IST 220(3), HRIM 350(3) (Sem: 5-6)
HRIM 470(3), HRIM 471(3) (Sem7-8)

Last Revised by the Department: Fall Semester 2001

Blue Sheet Item #: 29-07-062

Review Date: 10/06/05



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