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Spanish Minor (SPAN)

Contact: Altoona College, Roselyn Costantino,; Behrend College, Soledad Traverso,; Berks College, Rosario Torres,; College of the Liberal Arts, Margaret (Peggy) Blue,

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor. Courses that do not require knowledge of Spanish may not be counted toward the minor.

Scheduling recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)


Select 9 credits from:
SPAN 100(3); SPAN 100A*(3); SPAN 100B(3); SPAN 100C(3) (Sem: 2-6)
SPAN 200(3); SPAN 301*(3) (Sem: 2-6)
SPAN 215(3) or SPAN 253(3) (Sem: 3-6)

Select 3 credits from the following: SPAN 210(3), SPAN 220(3), SPAN 297(3), SPAN 299 IL(3), SPAN 300(3), SPAN 305(3), SPAN 314(3), SPAN 316(3), SPAN 353(3), SPAN 354(3), SPAN 355(3), SPAN 356(3), SPAN 397(3), SPAN 399 IL(3) (Sem: 2-8)
Select 6 credits from the following: SPAN 410(3), SPAN 412(3), SPAN 413(3), SPAN 418(3), SPAN 420(3), SPAN 439(3), SPAN 472(3), SPAN 476(3), SPAN 479(3), SPAN 488(3), SPAN 490(3), SPAN 497(3), SPAN 499 IL(1-12) (Sem: 5-8)

SPAN 199, 299, 399, and 499 (Study Abroad - Spanish) and SPAN 197, 297, 397, 497 (Special Topics Courses) may also be applied to the Spanish minor and will be substituted for the appropriate course by the Spanish minor advisor. All courses taken abroad must be taught in Spanish.

NOTE: SPAN 130, 131, 230, 231 and any course that does not require a knowledge of Spanish. DO NOT count toward the Spanish minor.

* Heritage speakers (students with Spanish language in family background) and native speakers of Spanish should take SPAN 100A and SPAN 301 instead of SPAN 100 and SPAN 200. May not take SPAN 410.


Last Revised by the Department: Spring Semester 2017

Blue Sheet Item #: 45-05-043

Review Date: 2/21/2017



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