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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Penn State University Park


Undergraduate Certificate Program

Kamini Grahame
W311 Olmsted Bldg
Penn State Harrisburg
Phone: 717-948-6038

Capital College


This program is intended to equip students and professionals with knowledge and understanding needed to devise strategies for building good personal, working, and community relations. Should appeal to working professionals, concerned individuals, and students who feel under- or ill- prepared to work in diverse settings and/or who desire to explore a new, more critical approach toward questions of justice, power, and diversity. Specifically, the program will benefit business and government leaders and employees, teachers and administrators, social and human service providers, and health care professionals along with students- both undergraduate and graduate.

To earn an undergraduate certificate in DIVERSITY IN COMMUNITY, a minimum of 15 credits is required.


SOC 409 OR SOC 411
BESC 464 OR RSOC 420 ORSOC 456 OR HDFS 250
SOC 435 OR SOC 428 OR SOC 429

An additional 3 credits is required from each one of the following two groups of courses. Group 1: SOC 408, 416/EDTHP 416, 419, 424, 425, 430, 432, 446, 450, 454, 455, 461/RLST 461, HDFS 405, 424, 425, or 469. Group 2: Any 400-level AAAS course, AMST 430/WMNST 430, AMST 475/ENGL 475, AMST 476/WMNST 476/ENGL 476, BUS 485, COMM 410, COMM 459, CRIMJ 436, EDHTP 401, EDUC 406, EDUC 466, ENGL 431, ENGL 492, IHUM 410, MGMT 445, MGMT 461, NURS 415, PHIL 437, PHIL 439, PLSC 428, 440, 453, 456, 457, 458, 467, PSYCH 444,PSYCH 479/WMNST 479, or any additional 400-level WMNST course. At least 3 credits should be international designated. Must maintain a 2.0 average or above in all courses.

No Prerequisites Required.

Effective Date: Fall Semester 1998

Expiration Date:

Last Revised by the Department: 11/11/2011



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