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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Penn State Harrisburg

Penn State Harrisburg is an undergraduate college and graduate school of the University. The Harrisburg campus enrolls about 2,400 undergraduate and 1,500 graduate students and offers two associate, 31 baccalaureate, 21 master's, and two doctoral degree programs as well as certificate and certification programs.

Penn State Harrisburg is located on a suburban campus in Middletown, Pennsylvania, eight miles east of Harrisburg. The campus is easily accessible via major interstate routes and the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Exit 247. Harrisburg International Airport is within one mile of the campus, public transportation serves the college, and rail service affords convenient access from locations throughout the nation.

Penn State Harrisburg offers all four years of study in 30 of its baccalaureate programs as well as the first two years of study leading to more than 160 baccalaureate majors offered throughout the University.

The college serves students from all campuses of Penn State and transfer students from community colleges and other accredited colleges and universities. Penn State students are encouraged to choose the Capital College Common-Year Major as their curriculum prior to attending Capital College.

The college has an extensive selection of graduate programs. Applications are welcomed from students who have completed a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university and international students. Graduate programs are designed for the part-time student who can participate in an evening program.

A full range of services and cultural programming is offered for both resident and commuter students and the campus is equipped to provide educational opportunities to people with disabilities. New housing on campus was built in August 2002. A spacious, state-of-the-art library opened on the campus in January 2000.

Because specific requirements of particular programs vary, students should contact the Office of Enrollment Services, Penn State Harrisburg, 777 W. Harrisburg Pike, Middletown, PA 17057; 717-948-6250, or by email at Additional information regarding Penn State Harrisburg can be obtained through the campus website at

Note: Concerning undergraduate programs, see for courses that meet University-wide bachelor of arts degree requirements.

Note: Recommended academic plans for undergraduates provide, in table form, the courses students might schedule semester by semester as they pursue a specific undergraduate degree. Each college or campus maintains Recommended Academic Plans for its own majors/degree programs. Links to these plans are on the Division of Undergraduate Studies website at: Questions concerning the Recommended Academic Plans should be directed to the college or campus involved or the Division of Undergraduate Studies.  




OMID ANSARY, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

MARIAN R. WALTERS, Associate Dean for Research and Outreach

PETER B. IDOWU, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies



School of Behavioral Sciences and Education — CATHERINE SURRA, Director

School of Business Administration — STEPHEN P. SCHAPPE, Director

School of Humanities — KATHRYN D. ROBINSON, Director

School of Public Affairs — STEVEN A. PETERSON, Director

School of Science, Engineering, and Technology — RAFIC BACHNAK, Director