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Computer Engineering (CMPEN)

CMPEN 111S Computers and Computer Hardware (1) A brief orientation to University life and resources and an introduction to computers and computer hardware.

CMPEN 111S Computers and Computer Hardware (1)

This course contains two components: an orientation to University life and an introduction to the hardware aspects of computer engineering. In the orientation to University life, students learn about the responsibilities of and expectations on a student including ethical behavior, and explore some of the academic and non-academic resources of the University. In the introduction to computer engineering students learn about some of the fundamental concepts, devices, and methodologies that are involved in the design and use of digital and computer hardware. This exploration begins with a foundation of logic and critical thinking. Logic is examined first from a theoretical problem solving standpoint. The discussion then progresses to an implementation perspective examining how logic devices are created and used. Included is a look at some CAD tools and some logic design laboratory exercises. Using logic as a basic building block, the organization and design of a computer is then examined, ending in an exploration of some of the contemporary methods used to make computers faster and more efficient.

General Education: None
Diversity: None
Bachelor of Arts: None
Effective: Spring 2009

Note : Class size, frequency of offering, and evaluation methods will vary by location and instructor. For these details check the specific course syllabus.