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Undergraduate Degree Programs

These course descriptions are not being updated as of August 1, 2016. Current course descriptions are maintained in LionPATH.

Gaming (GAME)

GAME 140 (GS) Gaming and Interactive Media (3) Introduction to business and social aspects of interactive media, videogame and simulation industries.
Effective: Spring 2015

GAME 160 (GH;US;IL) (CMLIT 191) Introduction to Video Game Culture (3) A comparative, international look at the nature and history of video games as cultural artifacts, from Pong to online role-playing.
Effective: Spring 2015

GAME 220 (GA) Introduction to Game Design (3) Design of games as aesthetic objects and cultural artifacts that people find meaningful and entertaining.
Effective: Spring 2014

GAME 250 (GQ) (CMPSC 208) Technical Game Development (3) Introduction to the tools and techniques required to implement games in a virtual environment.
Effective: Summer 2014
Prerequisite: MATH 021  

GAME 251 (GQ) 2D Game Programming (3) Introduction to programming 2D Games with HTML5 and Javascript.
Effective: Spring 2015
Prerequisite: MATH 021  

GAME 420 Advanced Game Design (3) Develop the habits of successful game designers - playing games thoughtfully, and documenting those thoughts.
Effective: Summer 2014
Prerequisite: GAME 220  

GAME 430 (DIGIT 430) Simulations of Human Behavior (3) In Modeling and Simulation, students will develop an understanding of the systems, processes, tools, and implications of this field.
Effective: Summer 2015
Prerequisite: 3 credits of programming; 3 credits of mathematics  

GAME 434 (PSYCH 434) Psychology of Gaming (3) Upper level course examing the core psychological principles as they apply to the topic of games.
Effective: Spring 2014
Prerequisite: 3 credits of psychology or 3 credits of a gaming course  

GAME 450 Advanced Game Programming (3) Autonomously generating object behavior and content in games.
Effective: Summer 2014
Prerequisite: GAME 250, CMPSC 122 andMATH 220  

GAME 460 (CMLIT 490) Video Game Literature Studies (3) A comparative look at the nature and history of video games as cultural artifacts, from Pond to online role-playing.
Effective: Spring 2015
Prerequisite: GAME 160, GAME 140 or 3 credits in literature  

GAME 480 Game Development Project (3) A team of students manages the production of a game from concept to implementation.
Effective: Summer 2014
Prerequisite: 3 credits of 400 level GAME classes  

GAME 495 Internship (1-18/maximum of 18) Supervised off-campus, non-group instruction including field experiences, practicums, or internships. Written and oral critique of activity required.
Effective: Summer 2016
Prerequisite: 3 credits of GAME courses. Prior approval of proposed assignment by instructor  

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