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Mining Technology (MNG T)

MNG T 213 Strata Control Methods (3) Introduce pillar-design parameters, roof control planning, roof bolting, standing supports, rib stability, floor condition problems, and longwall strata control.

MNG T 213 Strata Control Methods (3)

Strata Control Methods is designed to introduce pillar-design parameters, roof control planning, roof bolting, standing supports, rib stability, floor condition problems, and longwall strata control in the Mining Environment.

Pillar-design parameters, take into account the structural geology features related to mining. The impact of Geologic Data being extremely useful in assessing mining conditions and aiding in indicating necessary control measures to be taken with increased width, destructive stresses resulting in failure may be produced in the mine roof, bottom, and pillars causing serious limitations on pillar width. The effects of pillar design by incorporating Pillar Collapse through Failure Characteristics, Failure Mechanisms, and Failure Prevention, and the impact that may be contributed to Coal Bumps and Gas Outbursts. A review of the basic strata control theories and applications which incorporates Environmental Impacts of both Subsidence and Reclamation.

Roof Control Planning reviews the strata control theories and applications by introducing the inter-related system of the mines roof, ribs and floor. The introduction of roof control theory and fundamentals with emphasis placed on ground control being a three part process of proper sizing of openings, proper sizing of pillars and selection of proper artificial supports. Also, within the element of roof control planning, MSHA requirements are introduced and incorporated.

Roof Bolting and Standing Supports are brought to the forefront while maintaining an understanding of the three mechanisms of roof bolting which are: Beam Building, Suspension and Keying. Depending on conditions and applications, bolting may range from resin-anchored combination bolts, tensioned rebar, mechanically-anchored resin-assisted systems, cable bolts, and other specialty supplemental supports. The applications of standing supports are discussed in roof support planning as they are used either as remedial measures or throughout gate roads where bolting systems must be coupled with roof-to-floor supports.

Rib Stability and Floor Condition Problems are addressed through rib stabilization methods and proper support installation along with floor condition problems, prevention and control. With the sources of Roof/Rib Hazards in Underground coal mines being associated with the two broad categories being Natural and Mining Related, Geologic hazards and high stresses associated with deep cover are addressed allowing for appropriate action to be identified and proper supports to be utilized.

Longwall Strata Control theories and methods are discussed as they require special precautions to be taken in response to the elevated stress levels encountered. This is done through properly designed gate entry chain pillars to achieve roof/floor stability and mitigate bumps. Also, included are shields as roof support mechanisms and guarding installation on longwall equipment.

General Education: None
Diversity: None
Bachelor of Arts: None
Effective: Spring 2011
Prerequisite: GEOSC 020

Note : Class size, frequency of offering, and evaluation methods will vary by location and instructor. For these details check the specific course syllabus.


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