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Undergraduate Degree Programs

These course descriptions are not being updated as of August 1, 2016. Current course descriptions are maintained in LionPATH.

Navy (NAVSC)

NAVSC 101 Introduction to Naval Science (3) Introduction to naval organization, customs, military law, ships, aircraft, and Marine Corps and Navy career paths.
Effective: Fall 2014

NAVSC 102 Sea Power and Maritime Affairs (3) Historical evolution of sea power and its effects on world history; current U.S. maritime strategy for employment of naval forces.
Effective: Spring 1994

NAVSC 204 Leadership and Management (3) Managerial thought and behavioral theories, with emphasis on how they apply to the naval organization.
Effective: Fall 2014

NAVSC 205 Navigation (3) Theory and principles of all types of piloting and navigation, including a practicum emphasizing correct documentation and plotting.
Effective: Spring 2006

NAVSC 311 Evolution of Warfare (3) Survey of development of military strategy, tactics, principles of war, and weaponry through the ages and recent U.S. applications.
Effective: Fall 2014

NAVSC 313 Marine Corps Leadership Theory and Techniques (3) Introduction to Marine Corps leadership theory and techniques and their application to military-related practical skills and subject matter.
Effective: Fall 2014

NAVSC 322 Naval Ships Systems I--Naval Engineering (3) Principles and applications of engineering concepts to ship construction, stability, and propulsion and auxiliary systems.
Effective: Fall 1992

NAVSC 323 Naval Ships Systems II--Weapons (3) An analysis of electromagnetic wave theory, principles of underwater sound propagation, electro-optic theory, and weapons control systems.
Effective: Spring 2006
Prerequisite: NAVSC 322  

NAVSC 401 Naval Operations and Seamanship (3) Introduction to naval operations; the theory and principles of the rules of the road; use of the maneuvering board.
Effective: Fall 2006
Prerequisite: NAVSC 205  

NAVSC 402 Leadership and Ethics (3) The Navy's Resource Management Program (personnel management), counseling techniques, military justice, prevention of substance abuse, and naval correspondence and publications.
Effective: Fall 2014
Prerequisite: NAVSC 401  

NAVSC 411 Amphibious Warfare (3) A historical survey and evaluation of twentieth-century amphibious warfare operations.
Effective: Fall 2014
Prerequisite: 6 credits of Navy ROTC courses  

NOTE: Candidates for reqular commission in the Navy will gain practicum work during two afloat summer cruises.

Candidates for Regular commission in the Marine Corps will gain practicum work during one afloat summer cruise and one Maine Corps cruise at a Marine Corps base.
Additionally, the summer between the sophomore and junior years includes career orientation and training on vocational specialties in the Navy and Marine Corps.
Candidates for Reserve commissions in the navy and the Marine Corps will gain practicum work during one afloat summer cruise or one cruise at a Marine Corps base, respectively.

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