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Undergraduate Degree Programs

These course descriptions are not being updated as of August 1, 2016. Current course descriptions are maintained in LionPATH.

Public Policy (PUBPL)

PUBPL 201 Introduction to Homeland Security (3) An introduction to homeland security, and defense, with a focus on policy, legal issues, organization, and administration.
Effective: Summer 2011

PUBPL 241 (CRIMJ 241) Computer Applications in Public Affairs/Criminal Justice (3) Introduction to computer applications for criminal justice and public affairs agencies.
Effective: Spring 2004

PUBPL 304W Public Policy Analysis (3) The use of analytic models for describing and explaining the forces shaping policy and the consequence of policy decisions.
Effective: Spring 2004

PUBPL 305 Leadership Studies (3) Exposure to a wide range of leadership issues that will bring students to a new understanding of leadership as responsibility.
Effective: Spring 1999
Prerequisite: fourth-semester standing  

PUBPL 306 Introduction to Crisis and Emergency Management (3) An introduction to emergency management in mitigating, preparing for, responding to and recovering from hazards.
Effective: Summer 2011

PUBPL 325 (AMSTD 325) American Political Culture (3) Study of political culture in the United States.
Effective: Spring 2003
Prerequisite: 3 credits American Studies Political Science Public Policy or Sociology  

PUBPL 415 (CRIMJ 415) Drug Control Policy in Comparative Perspective (3) Examines the history of drug control policy in the United States; comparisons and contrasts with other countries' experiences.
Effective: Summer 2004
Prerequisite: CRIMJ 200 orPL SC 001 orPL SC 014 orSOC 001  

PUBPL 475 Critical Infrastructure Protection (3) This course provides knowledge about protection of critical infrastructure as an aspect of homeland security.
Effective: Summer 2011
Prerequisite: 5th semester standing  

PUBPL 476 Homeland Security Intelligence (3) The Homeland Security Intelligence course provides a depth of knowledge of key intelligence issues for homeland security professionals.
Effective: Summer 2016

PUBPL 481 Seminar in Environmental Policy (3) Fundamentals of evolution; impacts on natural resources; interaction of environmental issues, current decision-making process policy, enforcement mechanisms; future actions.
Effective: Fall 1983
Prerequisite: seventh-semester standing  

PUBPL 482 Seminar in Health Policy (3) Introduction to policy analysis of issues of current interest and importance to public administrators in the health industry.
Effective: Fall 1983
Prerequisite: seventh-semester standing  

PUBPL 483 Seminar in National Security Policy (3) Course will examine the inter-relationship of foreign, military and economic policy.
Effective: Fall 1983
Prerequisite: seventh-semester standing  

PUBPL 485 Seminar in Welfare Policy (3) Course examines the origins, development, and impact of welfare programs.
Effective: Fall 1998
Prerequisite: seventh-semester standing  

PUBPL 490 Seminar in Public Policy (3) A survey of the major policy issues, actors and institutions involved in the policy-making system of contemporary society. (May be repeated for credit.)
Effective: Fall 1983
Prerequisite: seventh-semester standing  

PUBPL 495 Internship (3-12) Experience in a public service agency related to knowledge gained through academic course work, reading, and discussion.
Effective: Fall 2012
Prerequisite: fifth-semester standing  

PUBPL 496 Independent Studies (1-18) Creative projects, including research and design, that are supervised on an individual basis and that fall outside the scope of formal courses.
Effective: Fall 1983

PUBPL 497 Special Topics (1-9) Formal courses given infrequently to explore, in depth, a comparatively narrow subject that may be topical or of special interest.
Effective: Summer 2010

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