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Academic Year

Penn State's academic year follows an early semester calendar consisting of fall and spring semesters. Under the early semester plan, all fall semester activities, including examinations, are concluded prior to the midwinter holiday recess in December.

The academic year consists of class days and assessment/examination days. Registration, advising, and orientation periods prior to each semester vary in length, according to the requirements for the semester. Dates are shown in the academic calendar on the Registrar's Web site: (Opens New Window). Typical class periods are either fifty or seventy-five minutes long. The average student enrolls in 12 to 19 credits per semester.

SUMMER SESSIONS--In addition to the two semesters, a four-week Maymester and two six-week summer sessions are offered each summer. Some classes are offered for different enrollment periods during the twelve weeks of Summer Sessions I and II. The Summer Sessions offer a wide range of courses at all levels. The Summer Schedule of Courses is published by the Registrar's office; the most current information is found by accessing the Registrar's home page at: (Opens New Window). Information regarding additional summer session activities can be found at (Opens New Window). The academic calendar can vary at campuses other than University Park. Check the campus Web site you're interested in for specific schedules.