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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Crime, Psychology, and Public Policy

Undergraduate Certificate Program


Nicole Shoenberger
107 PARC
Penn State Erie

Crime, Psychology, and Public Policy (CRMPPP)

The 15 credit undergraduate certificate program in Crime, Psychology, and Public Policy (CRMPPP) provides students an overview of the causes of crime and criminal behavior, the legal and criminal justice processes, and public policy toward crime-related issues. Students receive an in-depth understanding of the social and psychological causes of crime, policies to fight and prevent crime, the use of psychology to analyze and investigate criminal behavior, and the legal processes that involve accused and convicted criminals.  The certificate program is intended for those who are interested in learning more about the criminal justice system and the causes of crime.  Knowledge of the causes of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system are important to careers in the police, security, the correctional system, social work, law, psychology, journalism, and government or politics.

List of Courses* Included in the Certificate:
Take 3 credits in each of the following subject areas from a program list of approved courses

Approved list of courses:
SOC 12(GS). Criminology

Crime and the Individual
Approved list of courses:
PSYCH 243(GS). Introduction to Well-being and Positive Psychology
PSYCH 256(GS). Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH 261(GS). Introduction to Psychology of Learning
PSYCH 270. Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 412. Adolescence
PSYCH 473. Behavior Modification
PSYCH 476. Child Psychopathology

Crime and Society
Approved list of courses:
CRIMJ 423. Sexual and Domestic Violence
PSYCH 221(GS). Introduction to Social Psychology
PSYCH 232(GS;US;IL). Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYCH 445. Forensic Psychology
SOC 13(GS). Juvenile Delinquency

Crime and Public Policy
Approved list of courses:
PLSC 2. American Public Policy
PLSC 123(GS;US;IL). Ethnic and Racial Politics
PLSC 177(GS). Politics and Government in Washington, DC
PLSC 419. The Bureaucratic State
PLSC 439. The Politics of Terrorism
PLSC 482. American State and Urban Politics
PLSC 489. Public Administration

Crime and Law*
Approved list of courses:
PLSC 178. Organized Crime, Law, and Politics
PLSC 471. American Constitutional Law
PLSC 472. The American Legal Process
PLSC 473. American Judicial Behavior
PLSC 487. International Law and Organizations

Effective Semester:  Summer 2014






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