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Undergraduate Degree Programs


Undergraduate Certificate Program

Nora Shultz
115 Sutherland Bldg
Penn State Abington
Phone: 215-881-7877

Abington College


Designed for those who have a Baccalaureate degree in a non-science major and decide, post graduation, to apply to medical school. Applicants must have successfully completed two semesters of college calculus before entering. This program concentrates on science course work in biology, chemistry, and physics and can be completed in one year. Each course is offered over 8-weeks with lectures being offered in a hybrid format, meeting face-to-face one night per week with labs being conducted on weekends. This program distinguishes itself from others through the use of 8-week sessions, lectures offered in a hybrid format with in class meetings in the evenings, and labs on Saturdays. Also offered are MCAT preparation and mock interviews.

To earn an undergraduate certificate in PRE-MEDICAL/HEALTHCARE , a minimum of 39 credits is required.


CHEM 110
BIOL 110
CHEM 111
CHEM 112
BIOL 141
BIOL 142
CHEM 113
CHEM 210
PHYS 250
BIOL 472
CHEM 212
PHYS 251
CHEM 213


Prerequisites Required.

Effective Date: Fall Semester 2011

Expiration Date:

Last Revised by the Department: 11/07/2011



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