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Undergraduate Degree Programs


Undergraduate Certificate Program

Milldred Rodriquez
213 Whitmore Lab
University Park
Phone: 814-865-7620

University Park


The premedical certificate program is a non-degree program for academically talented, highly motivated college graduates who do not have a science background. In 15-24 months, students can complete the undergraduate science course work required to apply for admission to medical, dental, optometry, veterinary science, podiatry, physical therapy, physician assistant, nursing, and other allied health schools. Scheduling courses in the program is flexible and students who need to work may enroll part-time (students may be exempt from completing some credits based on prior undergraduate course work). All courses must be completed with a C grade or better, 24 credits need to be completed to receive the certificate.

To earn an undergraduate certificate in PREMEDICAL BASIC SCIENCES, a minimum of 37 credits is required.


BIOL 110
BIOL 141
CHEM 110
CHEM 111
CHEM 112
CHEM 113
CHEM 210
CHEM 212
CHEM 213
PHYS 250 
PHYS 251 
PHYS 250
PHYS 251 
SC 201
SC 401

Admission Requirements:

1) a degree in a non-life science major from a U.S. accredited university/college
2 ) GPA >3.0
3) min. SAT score of 1100 (Math/Verb, no score being lower than 500), or a min. ACT composite score of 24, or a min. GRE score of 1100 (Verb/Quant, no score being lower than 500, for new GRE the Verb/Quant scores need to be >150 and Analy score needs to be >3)
4) volunteer experience in community or health care setting. Studentswho completed >3 of the required science courses are not eligible (sciencecourses taken at other colleges will be evaluated for content before beingaccepted towards completion of the program). The program is not for students who have a science background wanting to bolster their science GPA.

 Effective Date: Fall Semester 2011

Expiration Date:

Last Revised by the Department: 12/19/2011



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