Sustainable Management Practices Graduate Credit Certificate Program

Person-in-ChargeKaren Duhala
Program CodeSUSMGT
Campus(es)Great Valley

The Sustainable Management Practices graduate certificate at Penn State Great Valley can help participants go green. This four-course graduate certificate can help students manage new or existing sustainable practices in their organizations and gain a competitive advantage by understanding how adopting the ‘triple bottom line’ can enhance their organization’s long-term viability. Courses are offered in convenient, seven-week sessions with hybrid-delivery options. They may be taken as a stand-alone certificate or as an initial step toward an M.B.A. at Penn State Great Valley.

Effective Semester: Fall 2016
Expiration Semester: Fall 2021

Admission Requirements

Applicants apply for admission to the program via the Graduate School application for admission. Requirements listed here are in addition to Graduate Council policies listed under GCAC-300 Admissions Policies. International applicants may be required to satisfy an English proficiency requirement; see GCAC-305 Admission Requirements for International Students for more information.

Individuals wishing to enroll in this graduate certificate program are expected to have achieved a 3.0 (B) or higher undergraduate grade point average. Applicants holding a master's degree should have attained at least a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) in pervious graduate work. Professional experience will be taken into consideration for admission. Applicants must submit a current resume and a statement of intent or career objective. 

Certificate Requirements

Requirements listed here are in addition to requirements listed in Graduate Council policy GCAC-212 Postbaccalaureate Credit Certificate Programs.

Required Courses
BUSAD 802Cornerstone of Sustainability3
Select three of the following:9
Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership
Triple Bottom Line Accounting
Finance and Investment for Sustainable Growth
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Positive Organizational Behavior and Wellbeing
Systems Thinking
Total Credits12


Graduate courses carry numbers from 500 to 699 and 800 to 899. Advanced undergraduate courses numbered between 400 and 499 may be used to meet some graduate degree requirements when taken by graduate students. Courses below the 400 level may not. A graduate student may register for or audit these courses in order to make up deficiencies or to fill in gaps in previous education but not to meet requirements for an advanced degree.

Learning Outcomes

Students enrolled in the program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a critical capacity for reflection and action, based upon a systems thinking framework, the environmental and organization sustainability challenges facing business leaders.
  2. Design, implement, and/or evaluate new or existing sustainable practices within an organization.
  3. Critically evaluate and make ethical decisions with consideration for multiple stakeholders.
  4. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.