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This Bulletin is the comprehensive source of academic information and program requirements for Penn State’s Dickinson Law. Learn about our innovative coursework, including our reimagined curriculum, “The Lawyer As…,” joint degree and certificate programs, and experiential learning opportunities.


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Changes to the Dickinson Law Bulletin

Changes to the Dickinson Law Bulletin will be tracked in real-time and listed below. At the end of every semester, these updates will be incorporated into the Bulletin.

Courses Added: Effective Summer 2023

Course Changes: Effective Fall 2023

EXPCL 902: Community Law Clinic (4 Credits)

Old Listing Effective Through Summer 2023:

The Community Law Clinic represents individuals living near or below the poverty line in matters of family law, disability law, housing, public benefits, and other areas deemed appropriate by the supervising attorneys. Law students represent clients through every level of either the state common pleas court system or the requisite federal court system. The clinic provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on training serving a segment of the population that is generally underserved because of financial hardship.

Changes Effective Fall 2023:

  • Credits
  • Description

Course Changes Effective: Spring 2024

CCURR 907: National Mock Trial Team (2 Credits)

Old Listing Effective Through Fall 2023:

Member National Mock Trial Team

Changes Effective Spring 2024:

  • Credits
  • Description